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Wöhner is the worldwide specialist for international fuse and busbar systems in the field of power distribution, control technology and renewable energies and has been a synonym for future-oriented technologies for the distribution and control of electrical energy for over 90 years. The core of Wöhner’s philosophy is to bring groundbreaking innovations with high customer benefits to the market and thus create the conditions for the power distribution of the future.

Easy Engineering: What are the main areas of activity of the company?

Wöhner: Wöhner supplies standardized system solutions and suitable components for all important markets in the field of electrical engineering. The main industries and markets we sell our products to are mechanical engineering, switchgear construction, control engineering, power distribution and renewable energies.

The distribution of electrical energy in buildings can be carried out safely and reliably with system solutions from Wöhner. The larger a building is, the more complex the requirements for the distribution of electrical energy. In contrast to traditional cabling, products from Wöhner are not only simple and functional in their planning and use but also extremely space-saving and time-efficient.

The system solutions from Wöhner are also suitable for the structured installation of control technology in order to distribute the electrical energy in the control cabinet and to safely and reliably supply motors and electrical drives. In an emergency or in the case of irregularities in the process, the system stops immediately, preventing costly damage or accidents.

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Components that are installed in wind energy and photovoltaic systems must also be able to reliably withstand particular stresses due to extreme heat and strong vibrations. Know-how in the area of control technology and energy distribution that was built up over decades as well as high quality ensure that Wöhner solutions also guarantee security of supply and system safety in the area of renewable energy.

EE: What are the ranges of traded products?

Wöhner: Our entire product range ranges from standard components to complete system solutions. Apart from the purely electro-mechanical components, we also offer products that are equipped with electronics developed in-house.

CrossBoard is the ideal system solution for power distribution equipment up to 125 A. It combines tool-free mounting with outstanding safety thanks to integrated touch-safe protection. The user can quickly and easily snap components onto the global basic system. The feeding of the system can be achieved via connection modules or the NH fuse-switch-disconnector size 000. CrossBoard® is suitable mainly for applications in machine tool and plant engineering.

Our 30Compact busbar system is the ideal solution for distribution boards with a rated current up to 360 A. The installation height of just 160mm allows a particularly compact system to be realised. Especially with smaller systems and their lower power requirements, valuable space can be saved within the cabinet.  

A busbar centre distance of 60 mm is the standard in most low-voltage distribution applications today. This standard has been implemented in our 60Classic system and has become the most common busbar system in many branches. Two main reasons for its success: 60Classic is space-saving and provides a huge selection of components usable up to a maximum current of 2500 A.

Our 185Power busbar system is a modular system for low-voltage power distribution. The modular structure and compatibility of the components – NH in-line fuse-switch-disconnectors and in-line NH switch-disconnector-fuses, connection rails, connection modules and EQUES® adapters – contribute to efficient use of space within the cabinet.

For conventional wiring, Wöhner provides a comprehensive range of components for DIN rail or mounting plate assembly.

EE: What’s the news for 2020 about new products?

Wöhner: In the upcoming months, we will be launching a real “game changer”. It will bring fundamental changes in the field of control technology in many respects.

EE: At what stage is the market where you are currently active?

Wöhner: We see significant growth potential in our markets. The demand for energy will increase worldwide. This energy must be distributed safely, and systems must be reliably controlled – and energy efficiency must be increased in parallel. The energy revolution is also leading to significant growth in the market. Making it a success is essential to achieve the climate protection goals. It is therefore essential to leverage savings potential along the entire energy industry value chain – in energy generation and distribution as well as in energy consumption. Here, Wöhner, among others, is also required to supply the necessary technologies and components, which is associated with corresponding growth potential.

EE: What can you tell us about market trends?

Wöhner: Especially due to the change from electromechanical to electronic components, we currently see countless opportunities for innovation. It is exciting to see what can be transferred from other worlds for our markets. This often opens up completely new perspectives. Our challenge is therefore not a lack of ideas, but their proper prioritization. Real innovations in particular need a perfect time-to-market. Too early can be just as fatal as too late.

By keeping our complete process chain in our own hands – from the idea to production, from materials research to marketing, from construction to design – we have a set-up that enables us to offer consistent total packages and complete solutions and to react immediately towards customer requirements, new trends and technologies.

EE: What are the most innovative products marketed?

Wöhner: In recent years, we have launched a number of innovative products, including two complete product families such as the CrossBoard and the 185Power system. CrossBoard a power distribution system up to 160 A with all important components for mechanical and plant engineering, as well as 185Power, the touch-protected system for low-voltage main distribution with the highlight of the operator-independent switching NH in-line switch-disconnectors speed.

EE: What estimations do you have for 2020?

Wöhner: It is extremely difficult to make a prognosis for 2020. The corona crisis does not allow an economic forecast. Wöhner, however, will continue to develop new and innovative products and provide its customers with the best possible support and service even in these difficult times.