Z-Elektronika strives to provide partners with high quality at the ideal price-value ratio. Thanks to their wide-ranging professional background and state-of-the-art technical equipment, the company optimises every process step in production. Z-Elektronika gives complex service, from design to “shelf-ready” product delivery.

Easy Engineering: Please introduce Z-Elektronika Kft. Briefly.

Z-Elektronika: Elektronika Kft., founded in 1997, is an ISO9001 and ISO14001 certified electronics development and manufacturing company. Our organization of more than 140 people work dedicatedly to ensure the best product quality. We offer product design and test development support for new and existing products. 

We provide full-scale SMT and THT electronics manufacturing with a production and enterprise management system, including rapid prototyping, low-medium and high-volume PCB assembly. In addition to these, we carry out manual assembly, cable installation and offer turnkey solutions. We also have industrial X-rays, varnishing machines and liquid dispensing equipment. 

We aim to provide reliable, best-in-class service that exceeds customer expectations. Thanks to this, we maintain close relations with our partners, and they return to us regularly. We are proud that our products reach all parts of the world through our partners. 

E.E: What notable events have happened in the past period? 

Z-Elektronika: In 2019, Z Elektronika Kft. won the support of the Hungarian Multi Program, within the framework of which a new building unit was handed over in 2022. The development increased the area of our plant to 3,200 m2. The production area almost doubled, new warehouse space, additional offices and social spaces were built. The investment helps us to provide a higher level of value for our customers, employees, and our environment. 

Z Elektronika Kft. continuously develops its own products, but the largest part of our activity is electronic contract development and manufacturing. 

E.E: How did the market change in the last year? 

Z-Elektronika: The electronic industry is rapidly evolving and ever-changing, so we must be prepared for the various changes that come our way. We have encountered a particular challenge: the lack of a global support system for parts and components. This has forced us to rely on our long-standing relationships with suppliers and the need for high levels of communication to remain competitive and up to date. 

To keep up with the industry and stay ahead of the game, we have had to strategize and develop innovative solutions to the problem. This includes putting in place new systems and processes to ensure efficient and effective communication with our suppliers. Additionally, we have invested in new training and education programs to ensure our staff are up-to-date on the latest industry technologies and trends. 

E.E: What were the best-selling products of 2022? 

Z-Elektronika: As in the past 25 years we continue to serve our clients with electronic manufacturing and development. 

E.E: What innovations are included in Your offer? 

Z-Elektronika: At Z Elektronika Kft., a modern automated system supporting own production was developed. It has become possible to collect data during the entire production, so we get a complex picture for process traceability. This service is an expectation of several industrial sectors; however, we provide its benefits to all our customers. 

Our development engineers have implemented innovative agricultural developments in cooperation with agricultural specialists. The tools promote the efficient use of sprayers in line with the agricultural criteria (Green Deal 2030) presented at the ECPA conference. 

From 2022, we will increase our role in health-related developments. This year saw the beginning of the development of a high-precision automated pain threshold measuring device for pharmaceutical research, which, according to expectations, will be able to meet international demands. 

E.E: In which areas are you looking for partners? 

Z-Elektronika: We are primarily looking for medium-sized European companies with whom we can establish a long-term relationship. 

We work with German, Swiss, Greek, Austrian, Estonian, and other European partners, and indirectly deliver products to all continents of the world. 

Our partners include organizations dealing with industrial electronics, agricultural, medical technology, automotive and other fields, such as the entertainment industry. 

E.E: How do you look forward to this year and the near future? 

Z-Elektronika: Forward-looking is prominently present in our management’s vision. Development in the electronics industry is a constant prerequisite. By staying ahead of market trends, Z Elektronika provides services with quality and technology that exceed current needs, and lays the foundation for the next and subsequent steps in its process. 

The new building unit handed over in 2022 was a big step forward in the life of the company. However, the rapid pace of development is already foreshadowing the next major step, which will involve further investment in real estate as well as technology and staff expansion. 

E.E: What sector of business do you think is expected to grow this year? 

Z-Elektronika: Since we are involved in the collaborative development project related to precision agriculture, we foresee the fast phased growth of the field. This is what we prepare for, along with keeping our eyes on the other mainstream sectors. 

We aim to go with the expectations of the market and improve in the automation of our services. We improve our production processes and support systems like warehouse and purchasing flow along with trace systems. 

E.E: A short message for collaborators for the beginning of the year. 

Z-Elektronika: We are immensely thankful to our supporters and collaborators for their invaluable help and support, enabling us to work together towards our common objectives. We are eager to embark on new projects and seek out additional partners and collaborators that share our vision and ideals. We strive to make a lasting and positive impact, and we are deeply grateful to our supporters and collaborators for helping us to make this possible.