Zweva Environment is a growing company that delivers waste management solutions for the European and international market. At the moment they are mainly specialized in semi-underground containers and smart waste management solutions. Zweva Environment has a fully inhouse production department in Belgium and a long history in producing solutions for waste management. The company emphasizes on high quality solutions for the highest return on investment.

Zweva Environment is a medium sized enterprise who’s market leader in their product segment in many European countries and their containers are currently installed in 36 Countries all around the globe.

In every country, the company works with a local partner who distributes the products because these partners have the best knowledge of the regional market and their needs.

Easy Engineering: What are the main areas of activity of the company?

ZWEVA ENVIRONMENT: At the moment, we have two types of customers. The first type are the municipalities, cities, and government related organisations. In our case, they mainly focus at waste management for households and individual users.

The second type of our customers are businesses who either own waste solutions or collect trough waste solutions.

We provide the both of these customers profiles with the similar large-volume waste collecting semi-underground containers.

Besides the fact that we offer the same products to these different types of customers, we still tend to see a difference between them. The municipalities, cities, and government related organisations often buy more ‘full recycling points’ to offer the complete range of recycling fractions used in the global market.

Our business related customers mostly buy large volume individual fraction solutions according to their specific needs. The main advantage here is a more efficient collection which eventually leads to lower costs.

E.E: What’s the news for 2021 about new products?

ZWEVA ENVIRONMENT: In 2021 we are further developing are recently launched RBin product range. This consists of concrete rectangular semi-underground containers.

Besides our new RBin family, we have our smart waste solutions to offer more remote control over the waste that is being stored into the containers. For example, two of our main smart waste solutions are the ELOC and the ELEVEL products.

E.E: What are the ranges of products?

ZWEVA ENVIRONMENT: We have different types of product ranges so we are able to offer semi-underground waste containers for different types of requests and requirements.

Our entry level product range is the ZBin, which offers the lowest price per volume in the market and is a solution where the main container is made out of plastic.

Besides our ZBins, we have our already mentioned RBins which are a big  waste solution with a more robust appearance and have more modular possibilities. This is mostly interesting for the public area. By using different RBin configurations it will be possible to create a full collection street of bins where it will be possible to create harmonised points that perfectly blend in the surrounding environment.

We also offer street bins that can be emptied by hand based on the same semi-underground installation principle. These offer a high volume per square meter of space, taking up in the street.

To be able to follow the evolution of IoT (Internet of Things) we are able to integrate our smart waste solutions into all of the above bin-types.

The ELOC system provides an overall access control to have more insights on who can throw waste in and make use of the containers.

Our ELEVEL system is a smart waste solution because it continually checks and synchronizes with the associated software so that a real-time waste level can be checked at any moment.

This can lead to an optimalisation of collection routes where only the full containers will be emptied.

E.E: At what stage is the market where you are currently active?

ZWEVA ENVIRONMENT: We supply containers to many different markets and every market is in a different stage.

Some countries have very advanced waste management solutions. This includes storage points ways of collection and also ways of waste disposal. For example, some countries are experienced with recycling while other countries are just starting to looking to improve their waste management from a stage of 1 fraction and landfill.

The advantage with Zweva products is that our solutions fit into the most of these stages going from large volume single fraction bins to multifractional bins with full access control and customized parts for every type of fraction that can be collected.

E.E: What can you tell us about market trends?

ZWEVA ENVIRONMENT: One of the main trends we see everywhere in the world is that much more value is attached to waste and it’s processing after throwing it away. This manifests itself by taking better care of waste instead of just throwing it onto one big land field. In recent years we have seen a strong growth in the focus on raising awareness of and the way in which we can reuse waste.

Another trend is making use of more and different fractions. If you want to reuse waste material it is very important to have these fractions as clean as possible. By introducing more fractions, users will also recycle faster and more, which also requires multiple fractions in a collection point.

A next trend is that we see more potential in the processing of waste, mainly in biological and plastic waste. It is needless to say that this has consequences for our bins and with our current product range we are fully equipped to offer the most modern storage solutions that the market is asking for at the moment.

We see more and more use of crane emptied solutions which is a good way to improve hygiene. By making use of a crane is the physical load on the operator considerably lower.

More access control, which gives the owners of the bins more insight into who is actually using the bins, is another trend that we have also seen emerging. To meet the demand of this trend, our ELOC system exists. Through this smart solution we can manage who the end users are in a remote way. Ultimately this can even lead to pay as you throw or activate people to recycle better and reduce waste volume in total.

E.E: What are the most innovative products marketed?

ZWEVA ENVIRONMENT: Our smart solutions are among the most innovative in Europe. Whereby we are able to supply products with the current trends. Namely the ELOC, which is a remotely controlled electronic access lock for our bins or other bins because they can be installed on others as well.

Whereby you can manage the access for the users as well as get inside of control of the bins. Thanks to our in the cloud operated back-office.

Our ELEVEL is a high level sensor which can be added not only to our containers but just like the ELOC onto any container that is on the market. It gives the municipality or operator a real time status of how full the container is. With this information it’s possible to manage the locations of containers and fractions much better but mainly the optimalisation of the collection routes and planning to improve this is what it makes more efficient.

E.E: What estimations do you have for 2021?

ZWEVA ENVIRONMENT: 2021 is a very unpredictable year mainly because of the Covid-19 pandemic which is turning out the market extremely. It is difficult to foresee the outcome of this pandemic but also in our market, namely in the raw material prices.

We see very big fluctuations in availability and prices of supplies. This gives a lot of uncertainty of what will happen in the future. But in the waste market in general we see a big rise in attention and care for waste. Therefore 2021 looks very promising for Zweva Environment.

We see this as a good development since it is time that we start to make this world a more sustainable one. Waste is not the end of all these resources. It’s is more like a stage which we would like to help to get in a next, useful stage.