IVECO’s Daily has won the prestigious Trade Van Driver Award 2020 in its Best Vehicle 3.5-7.5 tones category. Trade Van Driver is the UK’s leading van magazine for small business users and its annual awards give recognition to the manufacturers, firms and individuals who offer the very best vehicles and services to retail van buyers.

The IVECO Daily was selected by the magazine’s expert panel of journalists as well as a reader panel who use light commercial vehicles as part of their businesses. Commenting on reasons the IVECO Daily won the accolade, the award judges said: “Traders who want a tough vehicle for tough jobs at the higher end of the weight scale would be most unwise to dismiss the Daily. It’s built on a rugged ladder frame chassis and feels as though it may be hewn from a solid metal block, such is its build quality. It is available in a huge variety of shapes and configurations no other manufacturer comes close to offering in this sector.”

The IVECO Daily builds on the strengths of this heritage to deliver on performance and sustainability, which come hand in hand with fuel efficiency and low Total Cost of Ownership, benefitting customer efficiency and profitability. With the chassis of a truck and its powerful engines, it will complete the toughest missions with ease, while offering the best driving experience and comfort.

The Daily range of vehicles is designed to “change your business perspective”, setting new standards in on-board living and taking decisive strides towards autonomous driving and enhanced safety features. The complete range of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems enable the driver to focus on the job, which requires an increasing degree of multitasking and improve their safety. Features such as the Advanced Emergency Braking System, City Brake PRO, Queue Assist, Adaptive Cruise Control and ProActive Lane Keeping Assist reduce the risk of accidents on motorways and busy city streets, and take away the stress of driving in heavy traffic.

The Daily also raises the bar on Connectivity, unlocking a world of services that provide a complete package that can be closely tailored to the customers’ use of the vehicle and their businesses. They include services such as proactive diagnostics and preventative actions, or the innovative Remote Assistance Service, which are designed to maximize the vehicle’s uptime and optimize visits to the workshop. The Daily also offers telematics solutions to help owner-drivers and fleet managers optimize their efficiency with performance and fuel consumption analyses, and recommendations on how to improve. The real-time data provided through the Daily’s connectivity also enables IVECO to develop new tailor-made financing offers based the customer’s real use of the vehicle.

With its tough build, all its advanced efficiency-boosting features and services, excellent TCO and versatility, the Daily is the perfect partner for businesses to restart the economy.

“We are delighted to have won the award for Best Vehicle 3.5-7.5 tones. Trade Van Driver Magazine prides itself on offering a true reflection of the thoughts and feelings of its readership and it means a great deal that customers and end users were amongst the judging panel,” said Sascha Kaehne, Managing Director of IVECO UK & ROI.

The Daily line-up offers operators a choice of van, semi-windowed van, chassis cab, chassis cowl and crew cab options and can also be specified as a dedicated 4×4 model, capable of tackling the most challenging off-road missions.

The cleanest diesel engines and gas powered CNG/Bio-CNG variants demonstrate IVECO’s commitment to innovative, efficient and alternative-fueled transport solutions, cementing IVECO’s position in the market place as a true partner for sustainable transport.