Montech AG’s motto is “always on the move.” Passionate, determined, responsible, and holistic, this Swiss technology company provides innovative solutions and outstanding service. To do this, it always keeps its values in focus and applies them continuously. 


Montech AG specializes in the industrialization and standardization of state-of-the-art, unusual belt conveyorstransfer systems, and innovative aluminum framing systems. The experts in the development department are constantly making efforts to optimize components. As a result, the products are quite standardized and extensive expertise is available for customized solutions. Montech AG’s customers benefit from these innovations and appreciate the exceptional flexibility in terms of individual solutions as well as the excellent digital and custom-tailored customer service.


The Swiss are known for their precision – and so is Montech AG. And that’s no accident. Montech AG’s roots lie in the Swiss watch industry. To this day, the proverbial precision of Swiss watches is reflected in its products. For good reason: Precision enables a long service life. This Swiss technology company attaches the greatest importance to this in all its products. 

Quality and care

Customers can rely on Montech AG: As a modern, international company headquartered in Switzerland, it not only sells high-quality products, it also handles their careful and timely delivery. Before delivery, all products are checked to ensure they are in perfect condition – twice. With the double final inspection, the company keeps its promise of the greatest precision and quality. This understanding of quality is also applied to the selection of high-quality materials, careful assembly, and service. In addition to individual advice, service also includes supporting customers throughout the entire project. 


Working with our customers, Montech AG’s technicians and engineers develop creative solutions that courageously fulfill specific requirements. New ideas are often required for this. This Swiss technology company does not shy away from using these ideas for product development and it likes to depart from familiar perspectives and is open to new thinking. Its specialists have a great deal of experience in the flexible and rapid implementation of custom-tailored systems that will help customers create as much value as possible.


Time has become a measurable good in competition. At the end of the day, planning reliability also means that you can make reliable calculations. On-time delivery is Montech AG’s highest priority – thanks to its Swiss heritage. It stands by and makes good on its agreements. The company’s Swiss origin are also evident here. 


Dun & Bradstreet also confirms that Montech AG stands behind its promises. In 2023, the credit agency awarded Montech AG the D&B Rating Certificate for the twelfth time in a row. This certificate awards Montech AG the highest credit rating and shows that the company is financially strong, that its business is economically stable, and that it fulfills its commitments.

Employee development

Because a company’s value depends largely on the qualifications and motivation of its employees, Montech AG consciously supports its employees and places great importance on the continuous exchange of knowledge and experience. The company creates workplace conditions that enable our employees to grow in their field of activity and to provide exceptional services. Montech AG also enables young people to start their careers and offers them training positions in the fields of design, production mechanics, and logistics. The strong identification of the team with the company ultimately benefits the products and, of course, the customers.