KOHLER® G-Drive diesel engines offer outstanding specific power in a clean, modular design. Our global team of engineers developed two sophisticated engine blocks—K135 and K175—that deliver a large range of power from 537 to 4250 kWm. Created specifically for generator set applications, these new engines combine greater power with superior efficiency. Reaching up to 43.5 kW/liter, KOHLER G-Drive engines pair a compact form factor with unrivaled kW displacement—delivering the highest power density on the market.


The KOHLER® G-Drive diesel engine range produces industry-leading kW displacement in a package that enables a smaller generator set footprint while delivering the best fuel consumption at more nodes than any competitor between 800–2500 kW. That means higher performance at reduced operating cost. The engine architecture, injection system and engine management of G-Drive engines have been designed to achieve optimal generator set performance while meeting all worldwide emission requirements.


With almost a century of engineering know-how behind it, our G-Drive engine has been purposefully designed for long-life performance inside your KOHLER® or SDMO® generator—power systems that are backed by a three-year emergency standby power (ESP) warranty. We design, test and fit every component. Our computer-aided quality-management system oversees every step of development, from the first stage of production through the engine’s entire lifecycle, to ensure the highest level of quality.


All models within the KD Series™ are designed to share common components including engine control units, connecting rods and pistons, fuel system components, cylinder heads and more. This sophisticated, modular design means more efficient servicing of the engine, reduced spare parts inventory and more streamlined technician training.


Our G-Drive engine runs smoothly, quietly and with low vibration—even under extreme operating conditions. Vibration is minimized through low-noise combustion and optimized combustion pressure. The rigid design of the engine block, crankcase, oil sump, valve cover and subframe also helps reduce vibration. Unlike engines with standard crankshaft support-bearing configurations, the KOHLER G-Drive offers an optimized bearing arrangement, creating a more stable engine with less vibration.


Costs to operate and maintain a KOHLER G-Drive engine are reduced through low fuel consumption, increased power density, reduced acquisition costs and diagnostics that help prevent issues. The cylinder head design and crankcase ventilation mean extended service intervals and longer lifetime.