KRONUS offers wooden packaging solutions from standard and certified pallets, pallet collars, and lids to highly customized packaging that is required by clients. The company also provides many other services, such as a Closed loop system and Buy and Sell back possibilities, helping them save extra costs and fulfill their sustainability demands. KRONUS always believes in a close connection between the company and clients for the best service possible.

Easy Engineering: Which are the most innovative products/solutions, and what special features do they have?

We’re dedicated to supporting our clients by adding extra value to their production processes or enhancing the experience for their end users. Therefore, pallet collars are excellent to use. Imagine you have a workspace where you must do some assembly in your production. One employee must climb over six pallets to get the part to finish the assembly. The main reason is a lack of production area, and it is tough to find and utilize the space well. Imagine that you could turn these six pallet spaces into three and both in the proximity of your employee. 

To stack pallets and add spacers in between each layer and stack them safely. It will decrease the running of the employee but also increase the speed of assembly AND save production space. This is only one of the many options you can make with a modular system, as pallet collars and their accessories genuinely make a product that has been on the market for several years very versatile and innovative. It’s only one of the many ways you can utilize our products. From warehouse improvements to workspace optimization to easier logistics. We are always in close contact with our customers to be able to serve their needs and news regarding new materials and changes in the global market. This ensures a close connection between us and our customers to have trust and be the top supplier in their supply chain.

E.E: How do your best products/solutions work?

When we talk about the functionality of our solutions that simplify and standardize a proven concept already in place in most production and storage facilities. Our standard products are measured according to all known rules regarding warehousing, ensuring that they will be a perfect match for everyday and long-term usage. Our products are used globally in almost every warehouse and production facility. 

E.E: In what types of projects do clients use your products/solutions?

Most clients seek sustainable and renewable packaging options compared to plastic solutions. According to the European Union, most companies need to oversee their packaging needs. And here, we offer a sustainable and stable solution. And, of course, cost optimization to find a cheaper alternative and reusable packaging without causing a build-up of packaging waste.

E.E: How important is innovation / R&D in your field?

Innovation and research have a significant impact on this field. Finding new usages and adaptions to pallet collars and client needs is necessary. It’s a proven product and has been around for about 100 years. But of course, the product has been transformed since it was first invented to be more user-friendly and adaptable to whatever goods need to be packed and shipped. We are glad that we are one of the market leaders in this field and can provide improvements and adaptability for this product that will most likely be part of the industry for at least 100 more years or even more. Innovation and technological development certainly facilitate the production itself. KRONUS has a high-tech 3D quality control system uses scanning and laser diagnostics to detect defects and assess material quality. Also, more than 80% of our production processes are automated.

E.E: How do your products /solutions increase profitability for users?

As mentioned before, many clients are looking for cost optimization and sustainability. This is a crucial point when we look at what the client requests. The wooden pallet collar is often cheaper than plastic and steel variants. Also, wooden packaging products play a big role in ensuring sustainability and protecting the customer’s products.

E.E: How can clients sustainably use your products/solutions?

In general, all our packaging is sustainable and environmentally friendly. Starting with the certified extraction of raw materials, ensuring production without residue, and creating the final product. It is an opportunity for customers to reduce their carbon footprint on the planet. Changing individual parts of our packaging is possible, keeping its performance last longer. In general, the client can use the packaging produced by KRONUS for almost ten years without any adverse effects on people or the client’s products.

E.E: How is AI affecting your field of activity?

We believe that AI currently affects almost all industries, but it depends on us which innovations will help us make our work easier. First, it’s essential to understand that clients’ products must be shipped on a pallet with pallet collars. For this, several software programs simulate the product in our packaging during transportation. But we are also moving closer and closer to implementing AI in our everyday lives to make it simpler and more accessible, and here we have the form of digital load carriers that help the clients understand their product flow in production and transportation. Here, we have different options that can be implemented in RFID tracking systems or QR Code scanning. Some of the major standard organizations for wooden packaging are already well on their way to going in this direction. Overall, AI is transforming the wooden packaging industry by improving efficiency, quality, and customization capabilities, thereby driving innovation and competitiveness in the market.

E.E: How do you see the future in your field?

KRONUS envisions a future in the packaging industry defined by innovation, sustainability, and customer-centricity. As a leader in wooden packaging solutions, KRONUS sees itself continuing to push the boundaries of what’s possible, leveraging cutting-edge technologies and sustainable practices to meet the evolving needs of customers and the market. It is thought that more and more manufacturers will go toward sustainability, which will be a distinct advantage for wooden packaging manufacturers.

E.E: What are the business plans for 2024?

This year’s main goal is to increase sales and expand our portfolio with products dedicated to clients’ needs. We will continue prioritizing sustainability initiatives, such as sourcing materials from sustainable forests, reducing carbon footprint, and implementing eco-friendly manufacturing practices. We can’t forget to go toward digitization, which would improve our operational processes and reduce costs in the long term.