LayerOne is making significant advances in the world of material science, emerging as a top-tier manufacturer of superior graphene materials. With a proprietary and scalable technology, the company produces graphene oxide (GO) and graphene in form of reduced graphene oxide (rGO) materials.

Graphene materials are used as specialty additives to enhance the performance of various industrial products—from durable composites and effective coatings to efficient batteries, lubricants, and filtration membranes.

Given its consistent quality, LayerOne has naturally become a trusted partner for tech-forward companies globally. 

Interview with Christian F. Dethloff, CEO of LayerOne.

Easy Engineering: Which are the most futuristic products / solutions from your portfolio?

Christian F. Dethloff: At LayerOne, our core expertise lies in the production of graphene and reduced graphene oxide. These materials, though foundational, have the potential to revolutionize a multitude of industries. We develop materials that are used in a variety of end products. What makes our products futuristic is not just their standalone capabilities, but their versatility and the transformative effect they have when integrated. Their ability to significantly improve the performance, durability, and efficiency of the products they’re combined with positions them at the cutting edge of material science. Whether it’s enhancing the energy storage capacity of next-gen batteries, amplifying the strength of composites, or ushering in a new era of advanced coatings and filtration systems, our graphene solutions are paving the way for a future where materials work smarter, last longer, and perform at levels previously deemed unattainable.

E.E: Tell us about the company’s long-term goals / prospects?

C.F.D: At the heart of LayerOne’s vision is the commitment to scale up and supply large quantities of graphene materials, ensuring we can cater to the increasing demands of our clients and the market at large. But our ambitions go beyond just meeting demands. By establishing solid collaborations with both our valued clients and leading research institutions, we’re advancing the development of innovative graphene-based products. We’re here to transform the industrial landscape, supporting businesses and helping them to develop sustainable and innovative solutions that accelerate the transition to a greener future.

Christian F. Dethloff, CEO of LayerOne.

E.E: Tell us about product innovation and how this impact the future?

C.F.D: One of the most exciting innovations in our portfolio at the moment is the application of our Graphene Oxide in the realm of water purification. This powerful material is revolutionizing the water filtration market by efficiently capturing a range of emerging contaminants—be it heavy metals, pharmaceutical residues, or PFAS.

The Italian biomedical firm, Medica developed a one-step filtration system that combines polymeric hollow fibre membranes with our graphene oxide. What sets graphene oxide apart is its exceptional adsorption properties. It has an innate ability to effectively remove both organic and inorganic impurities. The goal is to make clean and safe tap water accessible to all, diminishing the reliance on bottled water.

E.E: What’s moving your company forward?

C.F.D: At the heart of LayerOne’s progression are three intertwined elements: innovation, collaboration, and a commitment to sustainability. Our dedication to cutting-edge research constantly drives us to explore new opportunities. This passion for innovation is augmented by strong collaborations, with industrial and academic partners, which allow us to leverage combined expertise and offer ground-breaking solutions to pressing global challenges.

Additionally, our forward momentum is fuelled by a larger purpose: crafting solutions that not only meet industrial demands but also pave the way for a greener, more sustainable future. By centering our efforts around products that reduce environmental impact, like minimizing the consumption of bottled water, we’re not only serving our customers but also serving the planet. This blend of innovation, collaboration, and purpose is the engine propelling LayerOne into the future.

E.E: How do employees shape your company’s future? 

C.F.D: At LayerOne, our strength lies in our dedicated team. Every individual, regardless of their role, embodies a commitment and dedication that permeates every aspect of what we do. We pride ourselves on fostering a culture of curiosity, where constant questioning and exploration are the norms. 

It’s our talented team that brings excellence into every facet of our operations— from ensuring the premium quality of our materials to refining our production methods. And when it comes to innovation, their insights and dedication have been pivotal in maintaining our position at the forefront of the industry. 

E.E: How does the digital transformation affect your products / business?

C.F.D: At LayerOne we recognize the immense potential that digital transformation brings to the table. The realm of digitalization promises efficiency, precision, and adaptability – qualities that align with our commitment to excellence and innovation.

While our journey into full-fledged digital transformation is still unfolding, we’re keenly observing the shifts in the industry. We anticipate that, in due course, adopting digital tools and platforms can further enhance our research capabilities, streamline communications, and offer predictive insights into market demands.

E.E: Tell us about research and development in our company?

C.F.D: To remain at the forefront of the graphene industry, we must consistently innovate and adapt. One of the cornerstones of our R&D approach is customization; we invest time and resources into tailoring our materials to precisely fit the unique needs of our clients. By doing so, we ensure that our graphene solutions seamlessly integrate into diverse applications, delivering optimal results.

Additionally, our commitment to research extends beyond our own laboratories. Numerous universities and esteemed research institutions rely on our materials for their investigative endeavors. By supplying them with our high-quality graphene products, we’re contributing to a wider pool of knowledge, facilitating discoveries that can drive the industry forward.

Moreover, collaboration is key. We’ve formed symbiotic relationships with various partners who are pioneers in their respective domains. By providing them with our materials, we play a pivotal role in their innovative product development. 

R&D at LayerOne isn’t just about improving our products; it’s about forging partnerships, fostering knowledge, and facilitating advancements that can reshape industries.

E.E: Tell us about the company’s future strategies and how will you adapt to the future.

C.F.D: Central to our future plans is the expansion of our production facilities. We recognize that as demand grows, our capacity to deliver high-quality graphene materials in larger quantities will be important. By enhancing our production capabilities, we’ll be better positioned to meet the diverse needs of our customers and partners.

But it’s not just about quantity. As we expand, our focus will remain on innovation. We are committed to strengthening our research and development efforts, constantly pushing the boundaries of what our materials can achieve. 

E.E: How do you think the future will look like in your field of activity?

C.F.D: The graphene industry, and LayerOne’s field of activity more broadly, is on the brink of a revolutionary transformation. As awareness about the unparalleled properties of graphene increases, its applications will expand beyond what we can currently envision.

In the near future, we expect to see graphene becoming an integral component in a multitude of industries, from electronics and energy storage to healthcare and construction. As technology advances, the potential for lighter, stronger, and more conductive materials will drive innovations that were once just science fiction.

Furthermore, with growing global emphasis on sustainability and eco-friendliness, graphene’s potential to contribute to green technologies will be particularly significant. Its role in enhancing the efficiency of batteries, photovoltaics, and other renewable energy sources will be invaluable.

Additionally, as research continues – both within our facilities and at universities and institutions we collaborate with – we anticipate discovering even more ground-breaking applications for graphene materials. The collaborations between industries, academics, and material producers like LayerOne will be central to unlocking these potentials.