LiNX I AS has developed the Next Generation of mechanically attached fittings: A cold-press pipe connecting solution that creates a permanent all-metal joint, replacing welding. Inspired by the need and the potential in the market we, as a team from different parts of the globe, have come together forming LiNX | AS. Significant investment in Research and Development has produced a fully Tested and Certified initial product range of Fittings and Tooling.

LiNX|AS Fittings: Principal Elements

Development Principles

LiNX|AS fittings for connecting pipes have been developed for use in a series of demanding applications across a range of different industry sectors.  The primary design features of these fittings allow their use in situations where one or more of the following attributes are important:

  • Fluids at High Pressure, flammable fluids or gas, steam, etc.
  • Resistance to External Fire
  • Cold Process Installation
  • Fit and Forget – Maintenance Free
  • High Durability and Longevity

As a weld replacement, a LiNX|AS joint should be expected to last as long as the pipe, perform to the same level and to deliver this safely with significantly reduced installation time.  The LiNX|AS fittings are designed to reduce the reliance, for joint quality, on the fitters and inspectors on site and to transfer this into the careful design of the joint itself, so that a correct installation is far easier to deliver, can be rapidly verified and delivers enhanced consistency with reduced variation from joint to joint.

Video of presstool

How LiNX | AS fittings work

LiNX | AS fittings are a cold-press pipe connecting solution that creates a permanent all-metal joint, replacing welding.  This all-metal joint is suited to situations where Cost, Safety and Scheduling are key drivers.  The technology can handle pressures up to 1400 bar, and due to their rapid, low-cost installation, LiNX | AS fittings are also advantageous for lower pressure systems.

Insert the pipe into the Fitting body, using Hydraulic tooling to advance two drive rings axially over the fitting body.  Radially compressing (Swaging) the fitting body on the OD of the pipe.  The pipe is compressed first elastically and then plastically during installation.  The body of the fitting has circumferential machined sealing rings which grip and seal the pipe OD, forming a gas tight and metal to metal seal. Proprietary custom tooling system: Press Tool, Fitting inserts and Installation Gauge also a part of the product that performs the cold work formation of the joint.

Unpressed fitting Pressed fitting Cross view pressed fitting Press tool

Industries and Applications

The LiNX|AS Pipe Fitting system has numerous industrial applications worldwide as:

  • Energy & Utilities 
  • Oil, Gas & Petro Chemical 
  • Chemical Processing 
  • Marine & Shipping 
  • Construction & Infrastructure
  • Pharma & Foods 

Advantages of LiNX | AS Technology 


  • Quick and faultless installation 
  • 100% Metal to metal sealing (no elastomer needed) 
  • Simple assembly process (single piece fitting) 
  • Fit and forget reliability 
  • Reduced installation time 
Video of the production of the Linx fitting


  • Welding/Soldering eliminated meaning no ‘hot works’ 
  • No bonding or screws 
  • Only small installation space required 
  • Fire-Proof joint 
  • Boosting working efficiency 
  • No acid cleaning 


  • Compatible with both welded and seamless pipes 
  • Works on pipes with thin walls allowing the pipes to be correctly specified imperial & Metric sizes 
  • Suitable for Carbon, Alloy & Stainless Steels 


  • Improved corrosion resistance 
  • Higher pressure capacities 
  • Impervious to vibration and pulsation 
  • Means the pipe joints are no longer the weakest part of the system 
Video of installation of the Linx fitting

Product Range


Core Range  : ½” to 2” (21.3-60.3 mm metric)

Full range      : ¼”to 6” (13.7-168,3 mm metric, non core items are available on special order)


Standard       : Carbon steel A29 4140 & Stainless steel 316L 

On Request : 304 & 2205/2507 

Pressure                   : up to 350 bar

Temperature           : -33°C to 426°C


LiNX|AS fittings are certified to the following standards:

  • Lloyd’s Register 
  • ASTM-F1387 
  • ISO-9001:2015

Approval and safety testing

The tests are as per Lloyd’s register specifications and ASTM F1387 standards:

  • Tightness test
  • Brust test
  • Pressure Pulsation test
  • Pull out test
  • Vibration test
  • Vibration & pulsation test

Complete Mobile Stand alone Linx system

A complete LiNX system exist of:

  • Fittings
  • Press tool box
  • Hydraulic pump on battery

Comparison between Weld Joint & LiNX | AS Fitting

Welded JointLiNX | AS Fitting
All hydrocarbon and inflammable lines need to be isolated for hot works before weldingNo hot works and no isolation required
Degreasing of the pipe outer (if any) needs to be done where the welding is requiredSurface preparation with sandpaper is sufficient
Cleaning the pipe inner by purging with inert or a neutralizing chemical may be required in certain piping areasNot Required
45° Chamfering or ‘J’ preparation for Beveling of pipes required for a quality welded joint90° Cut and Deburr only
IBR certified welders are required to carry out the weldJoint can be formed by a trained pipe fitter
Certain welding areas may require very high skilled 6G welderSame fitting skill set is sufficient for any position of fitting
Welder will require a helper and the work will need supervision from project owner sideWork supervision not required, and the helper is optional
A spot weld first followed by seal weld needs to be performed for the best resultsOne-step sealing of fitting is sufficient
Post welding, the weld needs to be qualified by radiographyVisual Assessment Only: Correct locking first time, every time 
Radiography is dangerous to humans and needs special care involving 2 persons and supervisionNot required
Post welding the pipe needs to be stress relived in most cases involving 2 personsNot required
Video of fitting

Key Product benefits

Installation Benefits

User FriendlyLloyd’s register approvedTested and approved to meet all requirements of Lloyd’s register
Material choices suitable for wide range of applicationsCustomer can easily choose based on their application requirement needs
Pipes range from ¼” to 2”Fits perfectly with standard range of pipes
Project OrientedApplicable to high pressure systemsOne fitting can be used with other lower schedules
No NDE Test RequirementsService can be started immediately after visual inspection
Perfect installation on first clamping itselfCost effective Process
Site PreferencesAdaptable to last minute change on siteChange can be for many reasons on site our fitting are adaptable to such changes with less disruption and cost
Finalising the joint alignment can be done on sideAdaptable to minor misalignment on site
Orientation of fitting installation not an issueChanging the orientation of fitting do not cause any stress in the line
  • Faster installation compared to alternative methods 
  • Better performance at lower Cost 
  • 100% perfect and effective join on single clamping-every time 

Operational Benefits

PerformanceDesigned and tested to withstand harsh circumstancesAssured quality ensures safe use in service condition without and failure
SafetyService life longer than the pipe itselfMaintenance free during lifetime
Fire-Proof metal parts hold the joint even in fireSuitable for use in pipelines carrying fuel and flammable fluids
Uses no heat sources for joining so no fire or explosion hazardImmediate return to service after repair


Representative Linx Europe / writer article G.J.Brons