Lorenzi Milano is one of those precious realities that make up the unique web of skilled Milanese workmanship. A story indissolubly linked to the historic Via Montenapoleone, a street at the heart of the myth and customs of Milanese fashion. A creative wave, culminating between the 50s and the early 70s, in the economic boom of design and culture. In other words, well before the universal explosion of the phenomenon of Milanese fashion during the following decade. But at the same time, Lorenzi Milano is an adventure nurtured by ancient roots that originated among the mountains surrounding a valley in Trentino. Now the products are all made in the Via Morimondo workshops (Milan), located in an area of longstanding craft development once occupied by the factories of Richard Ginori, overlooking the Navigli. The workforce of experienced artisans was purposely trained to carry out this new project. They are the core of the reinvention of a heritage recognized and appreciated throughout the world. The baton has been taken by Mauro Lorenzi, a member of the family’s third generation, who has created his own brand following the same consolidated track.

A range of items to suit any gentleman’s mood, a very special understanding of the private world and the choices of a man, expressed through the many proposals by Lorenzi Milano. More than simple objects, they are reflections of the self, extremely personal declarations of taste and a precise interpretation of the great and small rituals of everyday life. Handmade articles created for men who enjoy their rituals and appreciate customized items to interpret them. Aesthetics that are precise and, like mathematics, recognizable and strong, leaving an autonomous and unmistakable mark. Masculine, both basic and rational, elegant and refined. Pure geometry and precious materials worked to the best, with exclusive techniques, for a timeless creativity, which looks to the future thanks to the roots of a heritage that is hard to match, constantly enriched and updated. Items and classical values repeated from generation to generation, alongside new additions, materials and research.

Charme d’antan and of today that overlap and interact on equal terms, telling the same story. Every material is respectively linked to an environment: deer to the mountains, zebu for the city, bamboo at the sea. Rituals that set the tone for the day, from the time you awake until late evening. Plastic, of course, is totally banned.

Nowadays people are used to disposable items.

Lorenzi Milano believes in preserving the manufacturing valuable products, designed to be long lasting and to grow old together with the people who bought them: things to love, to maintain and even repair, if necessary, to pass on to younger generations as if they were little treasures for everyday life.

The company’s traditional manufacturing process is their strength and innovation: back to the past it’s the key to their success and they have planned to continue the business as they always did.