MAKERSAN OTOMOTİV has been established in 1978 as mechanical part manufacturer, for the following years Makersan’s sole activity was to produce latches, hinges, spare tire hangers, in brief products without high level engineering with low added value. 

Makersan is a family business and with the participation of second generation in late 2000 the company’s vision has shifted from low value-added products to high value-added products. Located in Gebze KOCAELİ TURKEY, enjoys been close to international sea and air ports, to High Technology Institution and Universities.

Easy Engineering: Which are the fields of activity where you are operating?

MAKERSAN: During the following years we have combined the mechanic experience with electronic know how. Now we are specialized on Mechatronic Part Production such as; Electronic Accelerator Pedals, Hand Throttles, Inclination and Acceleration Sensors, Load Pin, Controller, I/O Modules, ABS Sensors, Pressure Sensors, Temperature Sensors, Touch Sensors, Rotary Position Sensors, Proximity sensors, Locks and Latches with sensors, Hitch control system, electronic joystick, proportional valves, HMI modules etc. 

Our strength and agility comes from our integrated manufacturing capability; molding, machining, pressing, plastic injection, programming and electronic pick & placing is done at our factory under the same roof. 


E.E: Which are the most significant projects in the history of the company?

MAKERSAN: Makersan has started his journey by developing its own contactless Hall Effect Sensor, which is a core components for its Foot Pedals and Hand Throttles, which occupies the major part in its sales.

E.E: What are the ranges of products and what types of services do you offer?

MAKERSAN: MAKERSAN’s electronic and mechatronic system solutions provide a remarkable source of product and process knowledge in the areas of manufacturing Mobile and Industrial Applications. This extensive range of products such as controllers, displays, sensors, pedals, joysticks and keypads provide an integrated environment for developing and managing mechanic and electronic contents in various applications.

E.E: Which are the most innovative products / services and what special features do they have?

MAKERSAN: Over the last 18 months Makersan has made a huge leap forward, beyond the market expectations. Makersan has launched Hall Effect Joysticks with exceptional features; like first in its class submersible operation capability and high current output features, Gyroscope Embedded High Accuracy Inclinometers and Accelorometers with unparelled vibration compensation level, Configurable CAN Able Keypads, Multi task and purpose Controllers and I/O Modules.   Each product produced at Makersan has distinguished features which sets Makersan products ahead of our competitors. Conceptual Development and Designing stage have been dramatically reduced, in house testing capability enables Makersan to conduct design evaluation tests well ahead of industrial standards. In house molding enables well mastering on production tools also helps reduce production lead times. In house production capability has enabled to satisfy customer orders with low order volumes. In house production capability has also enabled Makersan to make punctual deliveries with very low PPM rates which has been highly appreciated by our customers.

E.E: How important are the after-sales services?

MAKERSAN: Makersan has always been a customer-oriented company, product development and new product decisions are guided by the customer needs and requirements. At the initial stage we are aimed to develop or produce products which are requested by customers. We do treat all customers same, regardless of potential business volume, we treat all requirements equally and we are committed to satisfy customer requests. We are very quick on responding requests or developments, our strength and agility comes from our integrated manufacturing capability; designing, molding, machining, pressing, plastic injection, programming and electronic placing is done at our factory under the same roof. We are capable of delivering a sample in the lead times that none of the major manufacturer can achieve. This quick responds and equal customer treatment regardless of volume has enabled us to increase our customer portfolio. We are also able to offer engineering services, especially small companies with limited human resources appreciate our intervention for assisting their developments. Our engineers can help on their factory assembling and initiating first operation of our products on their vehicles.