The creation of the intelligent factory, the implementation of automated solutions which represent a key turning point in process optimisation, and the provision of 360° customer care: these are the ambitious goals pursued by both Intermac and Donatoni Macchine, as they continue on their journey of innovation at the 52nd edition of Marmomac – a journey which has reached a major milestone with the acquisition of the company Montresor. This powerful, innovative drive is expressed in two complementary ways: through the communications on the stand, via the “Think forward” concept, and in more tangible form, through the machinery and technology on display: machining centres, waterjet machines, bridge saws, cutting centres, edge-polishing machines, finishing systems and integrated software. Specifically, the Master Series range – which offers guaranteed excellence, and is synonymous with CNC technology – will be represented by the Master 38.5 plus, the Master 33.3 and the Master 850 models, for funerary applications.