Source: noonee | The online training for the use of the Chairless Chair is structured in great detail - ensuring the necessary safety and comfort.


Illnesses of the musculoskeletal system and the resulting costs present companies with an ever-increasing challenge.

In 2019, the average sick days of an employee in manufacturing industry were 21.3 days, this shows an analysis of the latest data from the Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health in Germany. The average sick days of 50-54 year-olds were even over 22 days. Around 24 percent of these days are caused by musculoskeletal disorders. These work-related illnesses often result from unhealthy posture or constant standing at the workplace. 

Ergonomic workplace design without major changes

Efficiency, productivity and flexibility make a decisive contribution to the competitiveness of companies. For this reason, well-trained and efficient employees are particularly important. Investing in ergonomic workplace design not only helps employees, but also companies, because suitable measures can easily prevent physical strain or unnatural posture at the workplace.

Many activities in assembly, order picking, manufacturing and logistics demand an unhealthy posture and often force people to stand for hours. With the Chairless Chair from noonee, this standing for hours and consequently unhealthy posture at the workplace can be remedied. The passive exoskeleton makes it possible to alternate between standing, sitting and walking without having to make any changes to the workplace. This relieves the strain on the legs and supports a healthy and upright sitting posture. With the Chairless Chair, work is easier and employees go home less tired.

The Chairless Chair 2.0 – the new way of sitting

The Chairless Chair has been continuously optimized and further developed in cooperation with the industry. Thus, the mechanical assistance system is now adaptable to body heights from 1.50m to 2.00m. The significant weight reduction of 25% is noticeable: the Chairless Chair does not interfere with walking and standing due to its low weight of about 3 kg and the well thought-out design. This is proven by various applications in the series production of well-known companies. The Chairless Chair has also been optimized in terms of fit, size, breathability and comfort: with a new surface, the seat pads now offer even better support when sitting. The main improvement lies in the full-surface coating of the seat pads as well as the improved abrasion resistance. In terms of wearing comfort, the user also has the option of wearing the Chairless Chair with just the vest; the belt is no longer required with the “Beltless” variant.

Strengthening the workforce with simple means

The employee wears the exoskeleton, which can be loaded with a weight of up to 120 kilograms, like a second pair of legs while working. The chairless chair is worn on the back of the legs, with straps attaching it to the hips, thighs and work shoes. After instruction by a noonee employee and a little practice, the Chairless Chair is “put on” and ready for use in just a few seconds. The buttocks and thighs are supported by comfortable, padded surfaces. Two skeletal legs made of lightweight, fiberglass-reinforced plastic conform to the contour of the legs. They have joints at knee height and can be easily adjusted to the employee’s body size and desired sitting position and height. This makes it possible, for example, to use the exoskeleton across shifts together with colleagues. All textile parts belong to the personal equipment of each employee for hygienic reasons, while the “skeleton” can be shared.

Gain acceptance from employees

You need to get used to change – including the daily use of an exoskeleton. For a successful integration of the chairless chair into the work environment, a standardized and optimized implementation process was developed together with the industry. Together with a noonee employee, suitable workplaces are analyzed and tests are carried out. Employees are accompanied and trained through intensive on-site or online training sessions so that each and every employee feels confident in using the Chairless Chair and experiences the noticeable relief to their backs and knees after just a few uses. 

Online training: anytime, anywhere

With the new product generation, the Chairless Chair 2.0, noonee offers digital training in addition to an even more comfortable and lightweight exoskeleton.

Since exoskeletons and their use are unknown to many companies and employees, the training has so far only been carried out by a noonee employee in person. The user is given all the features and safety instructions and the chairless chair is adjusted and tried on together. It is important that size adjustments are made correctly and that the employee feels the “right” way to sit in order to feel comfortable using the Chairless Chair. However, in current times, this personal training can be challenging.

From now, the training can be done independently, anytime and anywhere. With the new training videos, the user – in addition to the usual on-site training – now has the option of going through the training online.

Due to the detailed execution of the online training, the user is provided with the best possible support to ensure safety and comfort. The user is guided through the training in various sequences, from the product presentation and important safety instructions, through the assembly of the chairless chair, to the correct putting on, use and removal of the chair. The size adjustment to the respective employee as well as the workplace suitability for the use of the Chairless Chair are also discussed in detail. Thus, by scanning a QR code on the Chairless Chair, each employee has the opportunity to repeat the individual steps anytime and anywhere. The new online training can be chosen as an alternative or as a supplement to on-site personal training.

At a glance: new features of the Chairless Chair 2.0:

  • A significant weight reduction of more than 25%.
  • A better size adaptation, increasing range of height from 1,50 m to 2,00 m.
  • A new design presented in continuous black – modern and slim.
  • A leaner and lighter Shoe Connector with rubber joints for more security and flexibility of motion.
  • New materials and designs for all textile parts.
  • The vest, available in two sizes, has significantly decreased body contact, is easy to adjust and provides a 4-point-fixation to the belt.
  • Optimized with regard to fitting, sizing, breathability and comfort.
  • Even more durable and comfortable.


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