Messe Muenchen India is one of the largest trade fair organizers in the country today. The company has an extensive portfolio of B2B trade fairs covering a wide range of consumer and capital goods, and emerging technologies. It works closely with industry stakeholders to develop well-researched trade fairs that bring the latest innovations to the market and facilitate meaningful business interactions. Unifair Exhibition Service is one of the pioneer professional exhibition-organizing service enterprises in China. It has already organized and conducted over 40 world-class exhibitions in different industrial sectors. It has a solid and innovative team of experienced professionals managing exhibitions, and organizing background and huge customer resources, optimal marketing channels and complete service.

Easy Engineering: What are the main areas of activities of Messe Muenchen India and UNIFAIR?

Messe Muenchen India serves the Indian industry and international market with powerful brands such as air cargo India, analytica Anacon India/India Lab Expo, bauma CONEXPO India, drink technology India, electronica India, IFAT India, Indian Ceramics Asia, Intersolar India/The smarter E India, LASER World of PHOTONICS INDIA, MatDispens, Pack Mach Asia Expo, Pharma Pro Pack, productronica India, SmartTech Asia, World Tea & Coffee Expo, and many others. On the other hand, UNIFAIR is the official organizer of Ceramics CHINA in Guangzhou which is the world’s most influential and important ceramics exhibition offering customers and buyers extraordinary business opportunities.

Together, Messe Muenchen India and UNIFAIR organize Indian Ceramics Asia, India’s only trade fair for the bricks and ceramics industry. Strategically located in Gandhinagar, Gujarat, this trade fair attracts manufacturers from the neighboring city of Morbi which is known as the ceramics capital of India. Indian Ceramics Asia serves as a central hub for manufacturers of the ceramics and bricks industry, helping them streamline their supply chains, discover new partners, and ultimately enhance their production processes. For the visitors, the event provides an opportunity to learn more about the latest advancements and products in their industry, to network with other professionals, and to make new connections.   

E.E: What new initiatives will be featured at the upcoming edition of Indian Ceramics Asia 2024 in Gandhinagar?

The ceramics industry is increasingly focusing on digitization and automation, and the upcoming Indian Ceramics Asia 2024 trade fair will reflect this trend. The fair will showcase the latest innovations from domestic and international technology suppliers, including ceramics and brick machinery, raw materials, analysis and laboratory equipment, technical ceramics, and storage and material handling equipment.

The show will highlight the latest innovations in advanced ceramics, which are in high demand in electric vehicle, renewable energy, and other industries. The trade show will feature technologies and raw materials for producing advanced ceramics with superior properties, such as high strength, durability, and heat resistance.

Indian Ceramics Asia mainly consists of trade show and conferences that particularly focus on advanced machinery, energy efficiency and environmental sustainability in the ceramics industry. It also includes prefixed buyer-seller meetings, which facilitate high-value deals and niche procurements, enabling participants to meet potential buyers to conduct their business and make meaningful partnerships. 90% of visitors and exhibitors attend Indian Ceramics Asia for future business prospects, thus making buyer-seller forum an efficient platform for one-to-one interactions between technology suppliers and user industries. Also, Indian Ceramic Asia’s Startup Pavilion provides a unique platform for startups to thrive in the competitive business environment. In addition, Ceramic Job Fair is a specially designated space for employers to connect with potential candidates, international pavilions from Italy and Germany to meet and experience the latest technology used in the industry 

E.E: What can you tell us about key ceramics market trends in India?

The ceramics industry is poised for rapid growth in the coming few years. However, the pace of this growth would mainly depend on the technologies that can improve and increase productivity while keeping environmental sustainability as a priority. India is urbanizing at a rapid pace. By 2030, it is expected that 590 million inhabitants will live in urban India. This will drive demand for mid-end and affordable homes. As the construction and building industry is highly dependent on the ceramics and bricks industry, the latter is poised for rapid growth in the coming years. Apart from this, the Indian government is supporting the growth of the industry through initiatives, such as Make In India, which are providing financial and technical support to companies. Technological advancements leading to new and innovative technical ceramic products with improved performance and properties will further drive the growth of the ceramics market. 

To gain more insights into the ceramics market trends, Indian Ceramics Asia 2024 is the perfect platform. The event showcases the latest technologies and innovations in the ceramics industry and provides an opportunity to network with key players from around the world.

E.E: What estimations do you have for Indian Ceramics Asia 2024?

The upcoming edition of Indian Ceramics Asia 2024 is expected to be bigger than the past editions. Our marketing teams have raised the bar higher in order to attract visitors from relevant user industries to the show. We are expecting participation from more than 200 exhibitors from 20+ countries, showcasing 10,000+ products and solutions, and drawing more than 9,000+ visitors during the three-day event. The show features some of the most advanced ceramic solutions related to raw materials, additives, production materials, spare parts, accessories, material handling, packaging, energy-saving and environmental protection technologies, refractory material, heat treatment and kilns, technical ceramics and more. Informative and knowledge sharing conference covering the important topics like Energy Efficiency & How to improve it in Ceramic Industries, Alternate Thermal Energy Sources, Advance Ceramics & Industrial Growth, Whiteware Industry (tiles/sanitary wares. pottery wares) – Status & ways forward, Waste Utilization & Circular Economy and exclusive workshop on the Brick Industry.