Milsped Group, a dynamic integrated logistics provider, celebrated its 30th anniversary at the prestigious Munich Logistics Fair this year. Established in 1993 as a freight forwarding company, Milsped has blossomed into a global transport & logistics powerhouse. 

With over 3,500 dedicated professionals across 14 countries on 3 continents, the company is more than a logistics provider, it’s a global family committed to sustainable and responsible logistics solutions. 

Interview with Velizar Perunović, Sales Director at Milšped Group.

Easy Engineering: What Are the Main Areas of Activity of the Company?

Velizar Perunović: In our modern world, integrated logistics is the key to customer satisfaction. Milsped excels in connecting all stages of the supply chain, from production to storage, transport, and delivery. We’ve empowered our clients’ growth by offering a comprehensive range of integrated logistics services, including freight forwarding, warehousing, distribution, customs brokerage, and last-mile regional delivery.

Our commitment to digital transformation aligns with a global trend that is an absolute must in the 21st century. We’re actively embracing the digital shift, ensuring that we can adapt swiftly to changing customer needs, global trends, and emerging technologies while maintaining our position at the forefront of the industry.

E.E: What’s the News About New Services?

V.P: Innovation is at the heart of Milsped’s mission. Our recent solar power plant development on our warehouses significantly reduces our carbon footprint, aligning with the highest environmental standards. We are committed to sustainable operations, constantly investing in infrastructure capacities, and providing comprehensive employee training for the years to come.

One of our most significant advancements is the implementation of cutting-edge robotic technology and artificial learning (AI) in one of our warehouses. This technological leap optimizes warehousing and logistics, enhancing productivity, reducing errors, and minimizing labor costs. Robotics not only increases efficiency but also eliminates risks associated with tasks traditionally performed manually.

But our commitment to innovation doesn’t stop there. Milsped Group has welcomed new members, each catering to specific logistics needs:

  • MILSPED SKY CARGO: Offering a “first-class ticket” for shipping goods of all types. This premium air cargo service ensures reliable and efficient transportation of goods across the world. With Milsped Sky Cargo, clients can enjoy top-tier shipping services, including door-to-door delivery, customs clearance, and comprehensive insurance coverage.
  • AML HOUSE: Specialized facilities and outdoor warehousing that cater to the specific demands of automotive clients. We fulfill the most complex requirements of leading European and global car manufacturers, boasting a fleet of over 200 freight railway wagons that operate throughout Europe. We maintain regular lines in eight European Union countries, connecting car factories with port and land railway terminals.
  • MBOX – INTERMODAL TERMINAL: Spanning four hectares, this rail-road intermodal terminal, located in Popovac within the new industrial zone of the city of Niš, serves as the crossroads between the East and the South. Situated along the route of Pan-European Corridor 10, this state-of-the-art terminal offers a wide range of container terminal and intermodal services. Clients benefit from both rail and road transportation, optimizing their logistics operations and reducing transportation costs.
  • M-ONE ECOM LOGISTICS: A reliable partner and a regional cutting-edge courier service. This integrated logistics service is tailored to the specific needs of the Western Balkans market, focusing on e-commerce requirements. The service includes fulfillment, international transport, customs brokerage, local delivery, superior customer support, and detailed reports.
Velizar Perunović, Sales Director at Milšped Group.

These additions to our portfolio extend our capacity to serve our clients with tailor-made solutions for a diverse range of logistics needs.

E.E: What Are the Ranges of Solutions?

V.P: Milsped is your one-stop solution for logistics, providing a diverse range of integrated services. Whether it’s sea, rail, air, or road transportation, groupage, and less-than-truckload (LTL) services, warehousing, distribution, customs brokerage, automotive logistics, or e-commerce integrated logistics, we have you covered. Our dedicated team of professionals boasts extensive experience, ensuring that even the most demanding clients receive tailor-made solutions that are optimal in terms of time, cost, and individual requirements.

E.E: At What Stage Is the Market Where You Are Currently Active?

V.P: Milsped Group focuses on a global market, always in touch with the complex web of political, socio-economic, technological, legal and regulatory, and environmental factors. As we enter our fourth decade of operations, our commitment to sustainable practices, digitization, infrastructure growth, and employee training remains unwavering.

Our continuous expansion of storage capacities and the growing application of the concept of “greening” logistics, with the implementation of solar panels and strengthened rail transport, positions us as a leader in modern logistics and transport. Just like all large global companies, we strive to establish the highest standards of service quality.

E.E: What Can You Tell Us About Market Trends?

V.P: Milsped Group is actively aligning with the latest market trends, most notably the shift toward reducing automotive transport to the maximum degree. We’re fully committed to complying with global standards and regulations aimed at sustainable development in digital world. One of the most popular solutions to address this issue is the implementation of intermodal terminals in rail transportation, optimizing logistics operations and reducing transportation costs.

In addition to embracing “green” solutions, we’re keenly aware of the need for supply chain agility. In today’s fast-paced world, companies must be able to swiftly adapt to changes in customer needs, evolving global trends, and emerging new technologies to remain successful. 

E.E: What Are the Most Innovative Services Marketed?

V.P: One of the most significant innovations in our services portfolio is the introduction of robotic technology and artificial learning (AI) in one of our warehouses in Serbia. This revolutionary move is driven by our belief that robotization can enhance warehouse operations by working tirelessly 24/7. This not only boosts productivity and order fulfillment speed but also reduces labor costs and minimizes errors linked to human factors. Robots are capable of taking over traditionally manual tasks, particularly those with inherent risks or requiring significant physical effort.

E.E: What Estimations Do You Have for the Rest of 2023?

V.P: The year 2023 holds great promise for Milsped Group. Our business expansion continues steadily, marked by the opening of new companies such as Milsped Hungary Kft and Milsped Romania. Furthermore, we’re seeing a substantial enlargement of our business capacity, with new warehouse and office space under construction, covering an impressive area of about 30.000 square meters. This expansion will significantly bolster our existing business and warehouse capacity of over 520.000 square meters, enabling us to serve our clients even more efficiently and comprehensively.

Our strategic direction is firmly grounded in strong corporate values, a relentless commitment to our clients, the implementation of advanced technologies, and socially responsible business practices. We fully understand the challenges our clients face, and we’re dedicated to responding to them swiftly and efficiently. 

The future is bright for Milsped Group, and we are excited to continue our journey of expansion, innovation, and service excellence. Choosing Milsped means selecting a reliable partner dedicated to your success and growth.