Headquarter from MOBATIME (Moser-Baer AG)


MOBATIME is the world’s leading center of expertise for clock systems, time distribution, time reference systems and time synchronization. All their devices and components are developed and produced in Switzerland by the family-owned company Moser-Baer AG, which was founded in 1938. 

Today the company is over 525 people and operating all over the world. Several thousand of their products are in use and achieving top performance. Special requirements need high-level technological expertise and adapted or newly developed components and time systems.

Easy Engineering: What is the Brand MOBATIME Swiss Time Systems and where are you located?

As a forefront leader in the manufacturing of time servers and clock systems, MOBATIME Swiss Time Systems excels in delivering precise and dependable time synchronization solutions. Our headquarters, nestled in the scenic mountains of Sumiswald, Switzerland, serve as the epicenter for our global operations, enabling us to distribute our superior-quality products and services across the globe.

E.E: Why is production in Switzerland important to you, despite the higher costs compared to other countries? 

Our choice to base our manufacturing in Switzerland, in spite of higher costs, is a testament to our unwavering dedication to quality and innovation. More than just a location, it embodies our commitment to the esteemed values of Swiss craftsmanship. This strategic decision allows us to leverage cutting-edge technologies and sophisticated processes, ensuring we maintain a competitive edge. Our continuous investment in modern equipment and workforce training enhances production efficiency, upholding our legacy of precision and reliability. This approach guarantees not only superior product quality but also sustains our long-standing expertise, positioning MOBATIME to thrive in future global markets.

E.E: What makes MOBATIME special in the field of time synchronization and time display?

MOBATIME distinguishes itself in time synchronization and display with its integration of advanced technology, customized solutions, and extensive expertise. We specialize in high-precision time servers that provide exact time distribution across networks using protocols like NTP (Network Time Protocol) and PTP (Precision Time Protocol). Our range of clocks, both analogue and digital, are renowned for their precision and adaptability, catering to diverse settings like public institutions, transport systems, and industries. Our unique selling point is our ability to offer tailor-made solutions for every client, providing a comprehensive service from consultation to implementation. This blend of innovative tech, client-centric solutions, and a vast product portfolio solidifies our leadership in the industry.

E.E: What future trends do you expect and how are you preparing for them?

Anticipating the increasing need for precise time synchronization due to the rise of digitalization and networking in society and industry, we are actively evolving our products. We are keenly focused on trends like IoT, 5G, and smart city developments, and continuously innovate to meet these emerging demands. A notable advancement is our GNSS module, featured in our DTS 4160 and DTS 4210.timecenter devices, which provides accurate time synchronization using GNSS signals. These devices, especially the DTS 4210.timecenter with its multiple physically independent network ports, represent our commitment to staying at the forefront of time technology. The DTS 4160 extends this functionality with additional features for specific applications. Both devices support the Precision Time Protocol, generate PTP time stamps in hardware and thus ensure precise synchronization to PTP slaves.

E.E.: What are your most popular products?

Our most iconic product is the SBB railway station clock, known globally for its unique design, especially the distinctive red second hand. This clock, which we have manufactured since its inception, is a symbol of our heritage and excellence. In addition to this, our NTP time servers and our range of analog and digital clocks are widely acclaimed for their precision and design. Our PTP Grandmaster clocks, essential for networks needing accurate time reference, are also highly sought after across various industries for their unmatched precision and reliability.

Second hand from the SBB railway station clock

E.E: The second hand stops at the full minute, how does that happen?

In the early years, the second hand was driven by a synchronous motor that was dependent on the mains frequency. This led to the following problem: the mains voltage was not always constant, causing the second hand to run either too slowly or too quickly. An unusual solution was found to solve this problem. The SBB clock’s second hand, completing its rotation in 58.5 seconds and pausing at 12 o’clock for 1.5 seconds, was an innovative solution to compensate for mains frequency fluctuations. Although technically surpassed by modern methods, we preserve this feature as a homage to the clock’s historical significance and our commitment to tradition and precision.

E.E: But there are certainly newer, technical solutions nowadays?

Absolutely. Modern technology allows for more precise time control, but we maintain the minute pause as a tribute to the clock’s history. It’s a blend of tradition and advanced technology, a hallmark of our commitment to heritage and innovation.

Side view of the PTP Grandmaster 4160

E.E: Apart from the SBB railway station clock, what are your most-popular products?

In addition to the SBB railway station clock, our most popular products include our NTP time servers, which offer reliable time synchronization for networks of all sizes, as well as our wide range of analogue and digital clocks. They stand out for their precision and design. Another “highlight” is our PTP Grandmaster clocks, essential for networks needing precise time references as stipulated by the IEEE 1588 standard for PTP, like in air traffic control and financial markets. These products exemplify our commitment to delivering accurate and reliable time synchronization solutions across various sectors and support compliance with strict time standards such as MiFID II

E.E: How does MOBATIME support customers in implementing time synchronization systems?

MOBATIME excels in providing unparalleled support to customers during the implementation of time synchronization systems, a process marked by a deep commitment to understanding and meeting each client’s unique needs. This journey begins with an in-depth consultation phase where we meticulously ascertain the specific requirements and challenges faced by our customers. This initial step is crucial in shaping a bespoke solution, meticulously crafted to align with the individual requirements.

Our team of experts embarks on a meticulous planning process, selecting the optimal hardware and software components to create a system that not only meets but exceeds expectations. The planning stage is not just about selecting the right tools; it’s about ensuring these components integrate seamlessly with the customer’s existing IT infrastructure, creating a harmonious and efficient system. 

Discussion between CTO Hansjörg Rohrer and Sales Manager Prashant Saxena

Following the planning phase, MOBATIME offers hands-on support during the installation process. This involves not just the physical setup of time servers and clock systems, but also a detailed configuration of the software to meet the specific needs of the project. To guarantee the system’s reliability and accuracy, we conduct extensive testing post-installation, ensuring every component functions as intended.

The commissioning phase is where our technical expertise truly shines. Our technicians meticulously activate the system on-site, fine-tuning and parameterizing each element in accordance with the project’s predefined concept. This step is crucial to ensure that every component of the time synchronization system operates in perfect harmony, delivering precise and reliable time information throughout the network.

However, our support does not end with the system’s launch. MOBATIME is committed to providing ongoing assistance and technical support, ensuring the longevity and efficiency of the system. This includes regular maintenance, timely updates, and rapid response to any troubleshooting needs. Our customers can rest assured that they have a reliable, long-term solution, tailored to their specific needs and designed for precise time synchronization across their entire network.

To illustrate the impact and effectiveness of our approach, we invite you to explore a case study featured on our website. This article delves into our project with the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation LTD, showcasing the renewal of a significant section of their railway line. Here, you’ll gain insights into our strategic planning, the innovative application of our technology, and the depth of our collaboration with clients, all contributing to the success of this complex project.

E.E: What does the future hold for MOBATIME?

The future for MOBATIME is bright and filled with innovation. We are dedicated to reinforcing our market position by continuously enhancing our products and technologies. Our focus on innovation drives us to develop advanced solutions that not only meet current demands but also anticipate future challenges. Expanding our global footprint and adapting to local market needs are key to our growth strategy. Maintaining strong customer relationships and delivering bespoke solutions remains central to our ethos, ensuring we continue to meet our clients’ unique requirements with exceptional service and support.