Montech AG, headquartered in Derendingen, Switzerland, stands for quality, precision, innovation, and environmental awareness. Since its founding in 1964, it has successfully established itself as the industry leader in the fields of conveying and framing technology. With innovative ideas, tailor-made solutions, and excellent customer service, we are leading manufacturing industry into a successful future.

Swiss precision since 1964

Our 60-year success story is based on the commitment of a highly qualified team of engineers and creative minds. Our focus is on developing custom-tailored solutions that make our customers’ production processes more efficient, precise, and competitive. We are proud of our innovation and top quality in belt conveyorstransfer systems, and aluminum framing systems, which are based on our highly qualified team’s many years of experience. With a strong focus on precision and customer satisfaction, we remain pioneers in our industry.

Focus on sustainable production 

We take responsibility for the environment seriously. The production of our products takes into account their environmental impact. We are also committed to sustainable products. We provide energy-efficient solutions that minimize environmental impact and help create a more sustainable future. 

Our customers, our priority 

Our customers are the focus of our actions. We offer excellent customer service and custom-tailored solutions that suit individual needs. Long-standing customer relationships demonstrate our continuing commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. 

Global trust 

With more than 8,000 customers in over 60 countries, we have gained the trust of companies worldwide. This underscores the recognition of our high-quality solutions and our Swiss precision. We are proud to offer our products and expertise in so many parts of the world and we strive to expand our reach further.