David Johnston, Member of Parliament for Wantage, recently visited Rosemor International in Wallingford, Oxfordshire, where he was treated to a demonstration of Rosemor’s range of escalator and travelator cleaners by Rosemor’s Managing Director, Efi Rosen. David says he was surprised to learn that these products were manufactured in the UK and sold to over 59 countries around the world.

Efi Rosen said: “In these challenging times, cleaning has become more important than ever. Deep cleaning performed in a professional way is essential. Planning of cleanliness and hygiene procedures is something that just cannot be ignored nowadays. Our products are approved to BSI9001 and TUV standards.”

“As a result of our machine’s speed and high performance, there is no longer a need to clean out of hours, or close escalators or travelators for long periods of time. Should a spillage occur, this machine is quick to maintain the image your company aims to preserve!“. Customers have been incredibly happy with the machines and impressed with the results that have been achieved and the support they have received from Rosemor.

“Rosemor’s motto is ‘Rosemor Cares More’ and testimonials from customers and repeat sales back that up.”

New features

With new features including a self-cleaning mode, touchscreen interface and a new cleaning program, Rosemor believes their new Rotomatic machine is the world’s best cleaning machine for escalators.

The new Rotomatic is quicker, smaller and simpler to use than any other escalator deep world, and even has the option of using the T20 for travellator deep cleaning.

One of Rosemor’s main distributors is USA clean Inc, based in Illinois (USA), who have recently purchased another 10 machines. USA clean are one of the first customers to purchase the new Rotomatic.

Rosemor are proud to deliver most of their training to clients in-house, to a very high standard. The company also use external expertise to ensure our people receive the best training possible. Time-consuming aftercare is a thing of the past, as now with a push of a button the machine automatically rinses clean, saving hours of time and effort.

The touchscreen interface gives the operator more control and status information than ever before, with onboard operational guides. Larger detergent tanks can now accommodate up to 20L of cleaning detergent.

For more information, contact Rosemor on +44 (0)1491 838011, email them at, or visit them at the website below.