Mobile Compact System Cuts Pipes for Heating and Air Conditioning Systems

AMTEH International domiciled in Bucharest runs a production plant in Alexandria. For this location, the German company MÜLLER OPLADEN has supplied a modern pipe processing machine and commissioned it in the summer of 2020. AMTEH uses this machine to highly efficiently produce pipes up to 800 m in diameter for its heating and air conditioning systems.

For over 22 years now, the Romanian company AMTEH has been building customised HVAC and sanitation systems for residential and industrial buildings and special applications. At its advanced production plant in Alexandria, it fabricates diverse pipe elements to suit a wide range of project conditions. Its customers include hospitals, the pharmaceutical industry and production shops, but also shipbuilding. There is a strong orientation to the high standards of quality in industry.

Superlative Solutions Call for Advanced Production Technology

“We want to offer the best technical solutions for each project,” says Managing Director Adrian Luca. That is why he and his team refuse to compromise on production technology and recently invested in an innovative German-made pipe processing machine from MÜLLER OPLADEN. Despite the coronavirus restrictions, the German manufacturer delivered and commissioned the MO 900/6 Compact on schedule in late summer 2020.

Operating with 6 CNC axes, this universal 3D pipe profiling machine is capable of highly efficiently and precisely processing steel and stainless steel pipes up to a unit weight of 4,000 kg, up to 6 m long and up to 800 mm in diameter. The MO 900/6 Compact uses macro-controlled software so that both simple and complex cuts can be swiftly programmed online with the aid of existing cutting macros from the MÜLLER OPLADEN database. In addition, offline programming and the generation of cutting data via CAD/CAM interfaces are also possible.

CAM Software and Plasma Cutting Technology for Precision Cuts

The system has 6 CNC-controlled axes whose motion and speed are coordinated during the cutting process. This cybernetic procedure ensures the exact positioning of each workpiece in relation to the cutting torch in order to achieve precise cuts as the end result.

The CNC axes of this pipe profiling machine ensure the rotation of the workpiece in the chuck (Y-axis), the longitudinal movement of the cutting head along the workpiece axis (X-axis), the oscillatory movement of the cutting head (B-axis), the rotation of the cutting head (C-axis), the height adjustment of the cutting head by a measuring system in response to surface irregularities on the workpiece (Z-axis) and the control of cutting torch distance as a function of cutting torch tilt angle during the cutting process (W-axis).

The MO 900/6 Compact for AMTEH comes with high-performance plasma cutting technology that effortlessly cuts wall thicknesses up to 30 mm and bevel angles up to 45°. Characteristic of plasma is its high cutting speed and its ability to cut steel and stainless steel.

MÜLLER OPLADEN – Over a Century of Quality “Made in Germany”

At its German site in Leverkusen-Opladen near Cologne, MÜLLER OPLADEN produces 3D profiling machines for round pipes, tanks, dished ends, box sections and steel beams as well as mechanised welding systems to meet the toughest demands of the metalworking industry. Its customers are to be found in the oil & gas industry, tank and power plant construction, the shipbuilding industry, steel construction and plant engineering.

To date, over 1,000 machines have been sold in 72 countries. The machines are in use worldwide in all segments of thermal cutting and welding and form an important stage of the modern production process. Founded in 1918, the family-owned business is now managed by Ralf Hamacher in the 4th generation.