Where our clients use MultiOne loaders? Answering this question is like answer the question “where do you use a Swiss Army knife?”

A Swiss Army knife can be a useful tool in everyday life as well as in serious survival situations. The tools come with a wide variety of possible functions If it compares to the Italian manufacturer MultiOne, the comparison of such an all-purpose weapon with the Multione multi-function loaders could not be more appropriate, combining the Italian powerhouse but versatility, compactness and efficiency in a machine that can be a useful tool in everyday life as well as in professional tasks.

Multifunction loaders of the Multione brand are used in many different tasks. Diverse application possibilities in estate & property maintenance, d-i-y & contractors, farming, landscaping and ground care are just one argument. The low operating and the low maintenance costs make the Multione loaders all-round machines.


MultiOne is the perfect tool for property maintenance, thanks to its low ground impact and ease of operation.

With over 170 attachments available, you have control of the most versatile compact mini articulated loader that can be adapted for sweeping, mowing, lifting, shifting, cleaning, mixing, digging, snow clearing and much more.

With compact dimensions, the articulated chassis and up front seating position grant amazing manoeuvrability in tight spaces and with all round visibility. High drive speed provides increased mobility across large areas.


MultiOne is the most flexible mini-loader for modern construction and building sites. High manoeuvrability and compact dimensions enable access to areas that conventional machinery just can’t reach. The high mobility of a MultiOne helps reduce labour time, cut costs and increase productivity.

MultiOne saves you time and money by reducing the number of machines needed on site, just choose your attachments, switch between them in seconds and transform your MultiOne for the next task at hand.


One versatile machine, with over 170 attachments to handle bales, feed animals, clean barns & stables, prepare soil, maintain vineyards & orchards and so much more.

MultiOne can handle typical farming tasks with ease, yet is compact enough to work inside buildings and barns where other machinery can’t go.

The compact and agile telescopic MultiOne, adds versatility and big lifting performance over and above the conventional loader.


MultiOne has over 170 versatile attachments for drilling, earthmoving, tilling, trenching, digging, lifting, shifting, levelling, soil preparation and so much more.

MultiOne compact loader can lift and load large ‘ton’ bags, pallets of bricks and blocks and other materials on all terrain.

MultiOne machines are some of the most flexible machines available on the market today. With over 170 attachments available and a top class transmission system, they’re sure to play a big role in your next job, whatever it is!

Since its founding in 1998, the Italian manufacturer Multione has grown continuously and today produces around 1,200 multifunctional loaders per year for the world market. The compact multifunction loaders are available in eleven series with a total of 20 models in the weight class from 400 kg to 2200 kg and a lifting capacity up to 2300 kg.