As a manufacturer from the Bavarian town of Odelzhausen near Munich, My-Mülltonne has been manufacturing high-quality premium garbage can boxes, grill boxes and bicycle garages made of solid steel for a decade. Their bins are refined by hot-dip galvanizing or powder-coating – because client’s home is particularly important to them. 

The Philosophy 

The company offers two types of products: Do-It-Yourself and Premium products. All of their Premium products are carefully hand-welded from robust steel and then dipped in a zinc tank. The powder-coated variant is also colored in the bodywork process.

Premium Bin Box 

The DIY are self-assembling and are offered in different types of materials. The My-Mülltonne products are therefore ideal for outdoor use and are very durable thanks to the excellent workmanship. Handwork and design made in Germany. Direct from the manufacturer. My-Mülltonne’s now 10-person team, from production, sales and administration, is available to answer any questions you may have and to help you with the production of high-quality covers for garbage cans and all outbuilding products. The company builds and maintains trust by offering excellent customer service regarding any questions a customer may have. Even if problems occur, they are always there to provide solutions. 

One of our most successful projects is the new Do-It-Yourself (DIY) products which offer the same great look, an excellent quality and a price attainable to all. 

DIY Bin Box 

They are produced from different types of material which offer a sleek, elegant look to any home and they are all customizable depending on each customer’s preference. People from across Europe, including Germany, Ireland, Sweden and France, to name a few, have ordered and loved these DIY bin boxes. In this collection you will also find the Champion Boxes as well, made of stainless steel and dipped in a top-quality powder-coated finish.

DIY Champion Box 

The company’s DIY products are produced with gas dumpers allowing the top-opening lid to remain open as well as a chain attachment to secure onto your trash bin cover. With a one-handed motion, there is no need to struggle with your waste bin cover and your trash bag. For an additional look to your boxes, My-Mülltonne also provides customizable planters. This also adds a real highlight to your bin boxes for those not interested in a top-opening lid. 

My-Mülltonne’s whole concept is to provide clients with a clean, elegant and easy way to store their trash out of sight, and at the same time providing a chic look to their home. They also have as their just-as-lovely bike boxes which allow for easy and secure storage of bicycles. Boxes without a top-opening lid can be accentuated with planter tubs allowing customers to add a personalized touch to their home and garden. 

Challenges began with the Covid crisis which provided a delay with logistics and the possibility to buy material was difficult. However, to continue giving great service, their suppliers were able to provide My-Mülltonne with all necessary materials and make this transition easy. Even during the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war, the company needed to switch over to other markets. My-Mülltonne foresaw what problems would arise and couldn’t depend only on one market; therefore, they needed to collaborate with different suppliers to maintain a constant supply of materials. 

The company took the necessary actions needed to continue production and provide the great service and delivery to customers. Regardless of any past challenges My-Mülltonne faced, and thanks to excellent customer service and products, the company estimates constant and consistent growth for the year to come. 

My Mülltonne Sana Design GmbH 

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Tel.: +49 8134- 32 549 72 

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