After five years at Geminor, Manfred Rissmann is appointed new country manager for the resource management company in Germany. “We plan to take advantage of Geminor’s international expertise and build a strong German team that will play an important role in the company’s international operations,” says Geminor’s new Country Manager, Manfred Rissmann. 

Rissmann (60) brings with him 30 years of industry experience to the position as head of the German market. Educated as an engineer, Rissmann has worked with many different waste fractions and has during the last decade specialized in waste wood and biomass in the German market. For the last five years, he has held the position of business development manager at Geminor’s office in Ulm.

Since 2021, the waste management industry has been quite turbulent, which also has been the case for our office in Germany. Taking charge of our operations in the biggest energy recovery market in Europe is a considerable responsibility, but I am looking forward to assisting Geminor in adapting to a new reality within resource management.”, says Manfred Rissmann.

Manfred Rissmann, Country Manager at Geminor.

A complex market

“Being a country divided into 16 regions, Germany is a complex market in a European context. In the last year, the country has gone from being mainly an export market to becoming an import market of waste fractions. For Geminor, which is mainly focusing on RDF, SRF and waste wood in Germany, the frequent variations in domestic demand, supply, prices and regulations require a quicker response than before.”,explains Rissmann.

“A new CO2 tax and an increase in truck levies will be introduced in a relatively weak economy. These are some of the factors that will influence the German market in the time to come, and be part of the challenges Geminor needs to deal with.”, says the new country manager.

“Our main task now is to help establish new and more sustainable recycling and recovery solutions. Closer cooperation with leading German waste industry operators is a natural part of this. But we must also face the fact that the recycling market is getting more international every year. Developing Geminor further also means finding new and motivated employees for building the German team.

The current German market may be demanding, but it also brings business opportunities and a big growth potential. We plan to take advantage of the group’s international expertise within notification, logistics, and biomass, and build a strong German team that will play an important part in Geminor’s international operations in the years to come.”, concludes Geminor’s new Country Manager, Manfred Rissmann.

Established in Norway in 2004, Geminor is an international recycling company focusing on refuse-derived fuel (RDF), solid recovered fuel (SRF), and hazardous waste for energy recovery, as well as recycled waste wood, paper & cardboard, plastic, and other types of waste for material recycling in the European market. Geminor runs logistic hubs and offices in Scandinavia, Finland, the UK, Germany, France, Poland, Spain, and Italy, and employs over 100 professionals. The company handled 1,82 million tonnes of feedstock in 2022 and holds contracts with more than 350 waste producers and 260 waste-to-energy and recycling facilities. Geminor has an annual turnover of approx. Euro 155 million.