As a system integrator, manufacturer, value-added distributor, and system house for industrial hardware solutions, components, accessories, and built-to-order solutions, BRESSNER offers an extensive portfolio for various applications in the industrial environment. Tailored solutions for machine automation, logistics & transport, AI, smart cities, government, industrial IoT, security and defense, and medical engineering are part of the company’s range of services. This includes comprehensive pre and post sales services such as OEM and ODM design, built-to-order, testing and certifications, RMA services, lifecycle management, advanced repair and replacement and a global service network. The company’s headquarters is located in Germany, with its parent company, One Stop Systems, based in the USA.

Easy Engineering: What are the newest products in your range?

BRESSNER: One of our newest and most exciting additions are our cutting-edge fanless embedded computers BOXER-6617-ADN or BOXER-6406-ADN. These innovative products leverage the power of artificial intelligence to provide real-time data processing and analysis at the edge, reducing latency and enhancing decision-making capabilities. 

We’ve also introduced a range of intelligent IoT devices such as the Digi ConnectCore® MP1 and Digi ConnectCore® 93 system-on-module platforms. These scalable embedded solutions are designed with pre-certified dual-band Wi-Fi 5 and low-profile form factors.

E.E: Which are the most innovative / trending products and what special features do they have?

BRESSNER: One of the most innovative and trending product lines from BRESSNER is our lineup of embedded PCs and GPU computers featuring Intel® Core™ 13th and 12th Gen. CPUs, such as the Nuvo-10108GC and Nuvo-9166GC systems. 

In addition to these Intel-based solutions, BRESSNER also offers NVIDIA® Jetson Orin™ solutions like the AI-Blox edge intelligence hardware. These compact and modular AI platforms are designed for real-time applications, boasting impressive AI processing capabilities with a variety of I/Os, CPUs and networking modules. 

E.E: How important are these features for the users in their work?

BRESSNER: Intel® Core™ 13th and 12th Gen. CPUs offer a compelling balance of performance and power efficiency. What makes them a standout choice is their AI capabilities, security, longevity, sturdiness, connectivity and scalability. These CPUs excel in industrial systems meeting the challenges of today’s demanding and data-driven environments while ensuring long-term reliability.

What truly sets our GPU accelerated solutions apart are their high-speed PCIe slots for GPU expansion, making them an ideal platform for AI inference, deep learning, and data-intensive tasks. Moreover, these systems boast exceptional ruggedness, making them suitable for harsh industrial environments. 

E.E: How do your new products / services differ from others on the market?

BRESSNER: What sets BRESSNER apart in this dynamic market is our relentless focus on customization and scalability. Our products and services are tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients, ensuring that they get the most out of their IT investments. By combining innovation, customization, and security, we believe that our new products and services stand out as the ideal choice for organizations seeking to embrace the latest technological advancements while staying resilient in the face of evolving challenges.

E.E: Tell us about research and development in your company.

BRESSNER: BRESSNER works closely with clients to understand their specific requirements, resulting in the design and development of customized hardware solutions that precisely meet their needs. BRESSNER explores the latest technologies, including advancements in CPU and GPU capabilities, AI integration, IoT connectivity, and ruggedized designs to ensure that their product offerings remain state-of-the-art.

By collaborating with our parent company, One Stop Systems, based in the USA, BRESSNER’s R&D capabilities are strengthened leveraging a broader knowledge base and resources. BRESSNER’s commitment to research and development is evident in its dedication to delivering tailored industrial hardware solutions, embracing technological advancements, ensuring quality and longevity, and providing comprehensive pre and post-sales services.

E.E: What impact does product innovation have on your customers?

BRESSNER: Product innovation at BRESSNER has a profound and positive impact on their customers across various industries. By consistently pushing the boundaries of industrial hardware solutions and embracing technological advancements, BRESSNER delivers several key benefits to their clientele.

Our commitment to product innovation positively impacts our customers by enhancing performance, enabling customization, ensuring long-term reliability, simplifying integration, providing comprehensive support, and offering a competitive advantage. These benefits collectively empower customers in various industrial sectors to achieve higher levels of efficiency, productivity, and innovation, ultimately contributing to their success in an ever-evolving industrial landscape.

E.E: What new products / solutions are you going to launch in the future?

BRESSNER: BRESSNER has an exciting lineup of new products and solutions set to be launched in 2024. Draco represents a military-grade small form factor featuring dual NVIDIA AGX Orin modules. This platform is designed to meet the most demanding requirements of military applications. Its rugged, conduction-cooled enclosure ensures durability and resilience even in harsh automotive conditions. 

Donati is an upcoming MIL Rugged AGX Orin HPC system which leverages PCIe Gen4 accelerated performance on a D38999 connector, facilitating seamless and efficient data transfer. Its segregated D38999 connector hosts local CDU video, 1-Gigabit Ethernet, and I/O, ensuring robust communication and connectivity. Its counterpart Cernis is an advanced embedded ARM-powered 8-port switch that stands at the pinnacle of ruggedized PCIe intelligent switches. 

E.E: What industries do you think will grow in 2024? 

BRESSNER: Based on existing trends and emerging technologies, several industries are likely to see significant growth potential in 2024, such as the renewable energy sector, including solar, wind, and electric vehicles. Investments in clean energy infrastructure and a shift towards green practices will drive the demand.

Other industries such as remote work and virtual collaboration, research and healthcare, cybersecurity, space exploration and entertainment streaming, are likely to thrive as well. It’s essential to note that economic, geopolitical, and unforeseen events can influence industry growth. Therefore, businesses and investors should remain agile and adaptive to changing market conditions.

E.E: What products/solutions do you provide for these industries?

BRESSNER: Our diverse portfolio includes industrial-grade computers, ruggedized hardware, GPU solutions, embedded systems, and customized configurations designed to support the technology needs of these industries. Our expertise in providing hardware solutions for challenging environments, such as the military sector, also translates well into industries with demanding operational requirements. Additionally, our emphasis on customization ensures that our products align precisely with the unique demands of each industry we serve, contributing to their growth and success.

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