Newstark designs and manufactures special standardized die components for the processing of cold-rolled sheet metal as cam units, bending units and adjustable retainers. The company is located in the north of Padua province (Italy), in an industrial district specialized in engineering manufacturing.

Newstark is a trademark of Essemec S.r.l. Unipersonale, a company with 25 years of experience in sheet metal die design and manufactures.

One of the most important strengths of Newstark is its ability to satisfy the customer by developing and realising dedicated and special solutions, not limiting the customer to only using standard products.

The company is constantly evolving and always looking for new solutions, Newstark catalog infact contains many unique products, some of them patented such as:

Adjustable punch retainers for ISO8020 and Ballock punches:

Innovative and patented Newstark solution that allows, in a very easy and fast way, to correct and adjust the position of a hole/shape on the die directly under the press, this process can significantly reduce the try-out process.

Kit including punch holder/matrix holder and adjustment shims from 0.05mm to 1mm.

ROLL Bending units

Device that allows simultaneous calibration and bending of sheet metal. It also permits to do the execution of many different types of bends, such as overbending (with an angulation less than 90°), open bends (bigger than 90 °), large radius, maintaining requested tolerance angulation.
The maximum overbending that can be reached is -45°, It can be also used to realise “Z” open bend, doublebend etc.

The components are made of hardened materials and the rocker is coated with a self-lubricating coating.

This product is completely customisable, after consulting with Newstark’s technical department, in order to be able to realise special geometries such as ribs/reinforcements (see IMG3)


There are many models of punching and blanking cam units inside Newstark’s catalogue, some of them, like the SMEG model (IMG5), are innovative, patented and unique solutions in the market.

The SMEG floating cam unit, in particular, is a unique solution that allows suspended piercing operations directly on the blankholder of the die, even in the most complex positions.
Inside the SMEG model there is a nitrogen punching unit which guarantees the extraction of the punch after the execution of the punching, it is a very compact and powerful solution.


Newstark scrap removals are mechanisms, pneumatic or electric, that allow you to remove scraps even in the most complicated situations.

On all models there is a slide, horizontal or inclined, which will let you apply one or more evacuation chutes according to your needs. 

There is also a speed regulator which will guarantee the best evacuation of scraps depending on their weight.

The Italian market in the cold sheet metal stamping sector is in severe crisis, the absence, or almost absence, of car manufacturers leads to a considerable reduction of work in this industry.
Newstark is present, thanks to its trusted partners, in almost every country in the world, this keeps the brand growing and developing.

2023 was a year of great satisfaction and excellent success for Newstark; the investments made during this year have led to an important milestone. 

Given last year’s success, 2024 also promises to be a year of great challenges and great successes for us.

Newstark’s goal is to grow, innovate and satisfy customers as much as possible.