No Risk emerged in 1996 as a pioneering brand in Portugal with inspirations from the workwear culture, merging with the European lifestyle and always maintaining the essence of durability, safety and style. 

The company was born in Guimarães, Portugal, in the hands of the ICC group, with the aim of making the best and most durable work boot. With a strong belief in family values and a sense of tradition, its expansion from Guimarães to the world started to happen gradually.

Today it serves all types of workers, whatever their challenge is. 

Easy Engineering: What are the main areas of activity of the company? 

The only area of activity in which the brand operates is footwear. First and foremost, safety footwear, but we have started to invest in the non-safety market or, as we like to call it, pro safety. 

No Risk’s products are created to work: whether at work, in the field or in everyday life, it caters for all genres and relies on comfort, fit and durability. It is a name that carries quality and a seal of dedication. 

It’s no longer just about work, it’s about lifestyle. 

E.E:  What’s the news about new products? 

The new No Risk models are designed for the user who, in addition to safety features, is also concerned about looks. The idea that works shoes should only be centered on function, and, because of their look, the user can’t wear them anywhere else, is outdated. 

Fashion doesn’t just exist on the catwalk, design cannot and should not be explored only by sports and casual footwear brands. That’s why we designed the new models to elevate the brand and bring an elegant and tasteful approach to the security market. Not only will the wearer want to go to work with No Risk shoes on their feet, but also won’t want to take them off when they leave work for urban life. 

E.E: What are the ranges of products? 

We currently have 9 ranges of classic items, plus 3 ranges of new products. This results in a total of 65 products, 25 of which are new models. 

In 2023, the quality behind each pair of boots remains the same. In over 27 years, the quality behind every pair of boots remains the same – No Risk does not follow the world industry standard that tends to increase quantity at declining quality. It remains competitive by continuing with the same quality standards, adding a fashion and lifestyle component. 

E.E: What is the state of the market where you are currently active? 

The safety footwear market in Europe reflects a complex interplay of economic factors. Overall economic growth plays a crucial role, influencing the demand for personal protective equipment, especially in sectors such as construction and manufacturing. Strict government standards and regulations are pivotal, driving the need for footwear that complies with updated safety standards. 

Market dynamics are sensitive to material costs, such as leather, steel, and synthetic materials, which impact final prices. Technological innovation, including lighter and more durable materials, is on the rise, while sustainability becomes a growing concern.

Working conditions and workplace safety, coupled with changes in safety standards, also shape the landscape. International competition, involving manufacturers from other regions, adds a global element to the market, with fluctuations in exchange rates and trade agreements influencing competitive dynamics. 

E.E: What can you tell us about market trends? 

In our point of view, the safety footwear market in Europe is undergoing several significant trends. What the market is telling us is that companies are pursuing innovation in materials and design, prioritizing lighter and more durable footwear. We see that sustainability is gaining prominence, driven by the increasing demand for eco-friendly options. The integration of technologies, such as sensors and IoT, is turning safety footwear into smarter devices to enhance workplace safety. Personalization and style are also becoming crucial, addressing not only safety requirements but also the comfort and aesthetics desired by users. 

E.E: What are the most innovative products marketed? 

Perhaps not all companies agree, as we naturally have distinct ways of viewing the market. At No Risk, we believe that sustainability and innovation are already familiar characteristics in this market. For this reason, we aim at innovation in aesthetics and design as a distinguishing factor, as according to our analysis, there is a greater lack of investment in this area compared to the sectors already mentioned. 

E.E: What estimations do you have for the rest of 2023? 

Fortunately, our financial goals have already been achieved, and we expect to close 2023 with the best projections for an even better 2024. On the team level, it has grown this year, and we are about to finalize all the planned hires for an effective brand team in all the areas we operate. Regarding the new products, which will start hitting the market in early 2024, we feel that it is our best collection ever.