Its name is ALUMIL and it builds every day the excellence in the design and production of architectural aluminum systems.

With over 30 years of experience, 2,200 employees, 32 branches, a sales network in over 60 countries around the world and 12 production factories in Europe, it is considered one of the most advanced Groups in the world, with progressive production lines and rigorous quality controls along the entire production line.

As a leading company in Europe, in this the sector, ALUMIL Group considers essential that every aspect of its production process is certified according to strict European and international regulations. Quality and respect for the environment, as well as health and safety in the workplace, are fundamental priorities in the Group.

To guarantee the highest quality, the ALUMIL group tests its products throughout the entire production process thanks to various internal laboratories.

ALUMIL’s main strategic choice has always been the constant improvement and expansion of its production capacities, which today makes it one of the largest manufacturers of aluminium architectural systems in Europe with a production capacity of over 100,000 tons per year.

One of the key skills of ALUMIL is its high vertical integration, its ability to trace, control and guarantee absolute quality in all production processes, from the foundry to the various surface finishes.

Another point in favour of the Group is the concept of sustainability, around which its concept revolves.

ALUMIL, in fact, acknowledges that economic growth can and must go hand in hand with a healthy and safe environment, adopting solid and specific measures for this purpose such as environmental inspections, adequate environmental training of personnel, and strategies for minimizing energy consumption, CO2 emissions, waste and reducing the exploitation of primary resources.

“The ALUMIL Group considers and chooses its suppliers according to its vision, quality, potential, development strategies and sustainable practices.”

OMAR, which is already a partner of ALUMIL for the supply of fumes and pollutants extraction systems coming from melting processes, has recently built a new fumes extraction and filtration system for one of the Group’s factory and, through its ITR Recycling Technologies division, has also provided for a new recycling plant for scraps and aluminum profiles.

The forty years of experience of OMAR group in the foundry sector, the in-depth knowledge of this industrial sector’ s processes, the concept affinity of the two groups in terms of sustainability, through precise best practices and integrated control of processes and production, have awarded the Treviso company again.

In one of its European factories, the ALUMIL group needed to carry out an accurate analysis of its system for the extraction and filtration of fumes, coming from the furnace loading and slagging, in order to find solutions that aimed to improve its performance further.

The customer therefore asked OMAR to verify the existing situation and to propose a modernization, in order to eliminate any possible risk for the health of its personnel, and the environmental pollution.

OMAR, following an accurate analysis of the variables and the risks involved, has redesigned, built and installed an effective system for extraction and abatement of the fumes and for the neutralization of the acid pollutants coming from the fusion of recycled material.

The high filtration efficiency is ensured by the use of specific filter media installed in a PJ dynamic system, equipped with an automatic cleaning system. Particular attention was paid to the safety of the system, providing for a pre-abatement system for any incandescent entrainment, and the installation of ATEX certified components, according to the belonging area.

The new system currently works non-stop 24h/day with an airflow of 100.000m3/h and a dusty flow at 160 ° C.

Satisfied with the construction and the service of OMAR group, simultaneously with this intervention, ALUMIL Group has relied on OMAR’s ITR Recycling Technologies division, for the acquisition of its new treatment system for aluminum profiles scrap, in order to reintroduce it in their own manufacturing processes.

First of all, the operation saw the installation of the new TSS 180 double shaft shredder, with an hourly production of 8 tons / h, which allowed the customer to perform a precise volumetric reduction and roughing of the aluminum scraps, preparing it for the subsequent enhancement and separation processes.

The TSS 180 shredder also allowed the customer to verify the economic and qualitative advantages of the investment and to quicken the installation of ITR complete grinding line, which was recently started.

Alumil Group’s operation looks ahead and aims at the complete flexibility of its production system in order to remain completely open to the opportunities of a market, the aluminum products one, which is constantly growing and developing.

The TSS series shredders are equipped with an absolutely solid and resistant structure, made of superior quality steels, and characterized by a wide range of blades configurations, which make them a completely versatile shredding solution. The composition of the cutting chamber allows a rapid maintenance and replacement of components subject to wear, reducing management costs and downtime. The machines are equipped with a two-shaft system at low speed and automatic reversing with hydraulic motorization, to guarantee the best shredding and energy efficiency even in the most demanding applications. The control panel, which is equipped with a touch screen for viewing and setting the parameters and the operating programs dedicated to each type of material, ensures easy and intuitive management of the machine, allows the system to be controlled from a single point and makes this machine able to be perfectly integrated into 4.0 intelligent factory systems. The shredder is equipped with connection devices for remote control, so that the customer can easily operate with a monitoring and with a constant support by ITR Service. 

The grinding line chosen by the customer consists of a mobile HMM 100 hammer mill that moves exactly in this direction.

This machine is in actual fact a compact grinding and selection plant, installed on a mobile platform, which can be lifted, equipped with a material separation and extraction system that makes it easily to be repositioned according to space and production needs. The mobile hammer mill HMM 100, which today fully satisfies the customer’s needs, with an hourly production of 8 tons/ hour, it could be moved allowing if necessary to review the system setting according to the production and processing evolution needs. The material coming out from the grinding system is conveyed by a belt, to the metal separator with eddy currents SCP (Eddy-Current), which ensures an accurate selection of the shredded aluminum from the inert material.

The mobile hammer mills HMM 100 series are compact grinding and sorting systems, installed on a mobile platform, they can be lifted by pistons and are equipped with a material separation and extraction system. They are characterized by a reinforced, solid and resistant structure equipped with heavy hammers, for processing large quantities of material. They are characterized by a wide range of configurations, hydraulic movement of the main components and a rapid grids replacement system that allow maximum flexibility of use, high production capacity and a reduction in operating costs. In this case as well, the management is simple and intuitive, with working programs that can be memorized according to the type of treated material. The mobile hammer mills HMM series can be perfectly integrated into the 4.0 intelligent factory systems.

The selected material is sent back to a special screening system for the separation of the fraction with dimensions smaller than 30 mm. Both the smaller and oversized fractions are subjected to dedicated X-ray treatment systems for cleaning and separating the ready-to-use material from any “dirty” fractions (parts with screws, bolts, zinc, …).

The aluminum scraps treatment system is equipped with a special dusts extraction and filtration system that helps to ensure the highest quality of the aluminum fractions, which have been recycled and sent back to new life.

The installed system was appreciated by the customer for its efficiency levels, versatility and maximum flexibility of use, as well as for its simplicity and affordability of maintenance operations.

The integrated, simple and absolutely intuitive management of the machines and of the system takes place via touch panel and working programs that can be memorized, according to the type of treated material. The control system was created and customized ad hoc by the software engineers of Treviso company. All of this can be perfectly integrated into 4.0 intelligent factory systems.

Finally, it is important to underline that this is a new custom-made realisation, which has been created according to the specific needs of the customer, and that qualifies OMAR Air Filtration Systems and ITR Recycling Technologies as specialist partners of the foundry industry.

OMAR S.r.l. is dedicated to the design, engineering, production, installation and service of air filtration and pollutant abatement systems. Founded in 1978, today it is characterized by forty years of know-how and in-depth knowledge of the transformation processes and of the regulations in the foundry sector.

ITR Recycling Technologies, a division specialized in the recycling sector, deals with engineering, design, production and installation of systems and machines for the selection, treatment, valorisation of waste and metals, air treatment and the abatement of odours from these processes.

The DNA of Omar S.r.l. is that of a verticalised company in which absolute and integrated control of internal processes achieves the great ability to stand out on the market for the specificity and environmental and economic sustainability of its solutions.