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The 2022 financial year was extremely successful for EXE Srl, the manufacturer of photovoltaic modules, and also for Athema Srl with its Sheen+ brand of user terminals. The figures and technical development of the two Bolzano-based, Yakaii Group companies provide an excellent foundation for this trend to continue in 2023. 

In comparison with 2020, EXE Solar has been able to almost double its turnover. As a newcomer to the market, at its first attempt Sheen+ achieved an annual turnover of more than 4 million euros. This pleasing result is primarily based on the high demand for photovoltaic modules and user equipment in Italy and Austria. Furthermore, the, in some cases, enormous problems with raw materials, supply chains, freight and logistics that arose during 2022 only had a minimal impact on the photovoltaic business of EXE Solar and Sheen+ and remained manageable. 

A key role for “Intersolar” 

At around 40%, the home market of the two Bolzano companies accounted for the highest share of turnover. The intention is for the markets in Germany and Switzerland to be the focus of activities in 2023, as both companies believe that these markets offer high sales potential. This was evident most recently in conversations during the “Intersolar” trade fair in June 2022 during which many promising contacts were made from which results are now gradually also emerging. This trade fair will therefore clearly be a key target for the companies’ activities in 2023. The aim is for customer contacts to be intensified and new sales leads to be developed. 

Significant growth anticipated

To this end, EXE Solar will be present with a larger, 140 m2 stand, whilst Sheen+ will take part in Intersolar for the first time with a stand of around 80 m2. 

In the area of technology, at EXE Solar the change to new solar cells for the company’s own modules will be the focus. The best solar cell is generally defined by maximum output, efficient use of resources, durability and a balanced relationship between price and performance. Here, at EXE Solar, the switch to TOPcon solar cells is expected to produce an additional technological advance and boost to quality. The abbreviation TOPCon stands for “tunnel oxide passivated contact”; this term describes a special solar cell design through which the highest level of efficiency can be achieved.

In 2023 Sheen+ intends to devote itself to the challenging topic of storage systems for industrial plants; moreover it also aims to further improve the ease of use of its user terminals. 

The visit to the Intersolar trade fair in summer 2023 will also contribute to achieving the company’s overall objectives of making its mark with customers as a European manufacturer of high-performance photovoltaic modules and terminal devices in the face of the strong presence of Chinese exhibitors and of standing out with its balanced relationship between price and performance. The turnover forecasts for the new year are correspondingly optimistic – in comparison with the results for 2022, the companies hope to grow by a further 10 per cent.

Jenny Lamberts, CMO YAKAII 


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