The wait is almost over, first sunny days are inviting more and more bikers to stretch their legs and turn the engines on. Since many aficionados still apply the ‘do it by yourself’ philosophy when it comes to check their motorbikes up for the warm season, we would like to offer you an insight about Pakelo Lubricants and its suggestions to find the perfect oil.

Pakelo is an Italian brand with a three-generation tradition in the lubricant field. R&D department together with the analysis laboratory is the true asset of the company. Pakelo likes to be called a designer of lubricants rather than a blender or a producer. The ability to create tailor made, high-performing products helped the company to enter the thrilling and dynamic world of racings.

Over time it reached an established status in the racing milieu for its partnership with AF Corse, the Italian winning team that triumphed in FIA World Endurance Championship 2014 with the Ferrari 458 Italia led by Gianmaria Bruni and Toni Vilander. As regards to the motorbike’s scenario Pakelo partnered NGM Forward Racing team in MotoGP in 2013, while in 2015 the company chose to get closer to its customers supporting different projects celebrating the passion for motorbikes in all its different forms.

Pakelo’s avant-garde Krypton MBK motor oil range is designed to meet the requirements of both two- and four-stroke engines. The name ‘Krypton’ is a witty reference to the comic’s hero Superman and it aims to underline the strength and flexibility of these products.

Regarding the lubricant viscosity range Pakelo offers many solutions, from SAE 5W-40 to SAE 10W-60. The first one is more fluid so it’s suggested when temperatures get cold, while the second one is advisable when ambient and working conditions get warmer. In any case, since Krypton MBK lubricants are fully synthetic, they are planned to keep their viscosity status almost intact regardless to the external conditions.


Although viscosity is important, it is not the only parameter to take care of when choosing the perfect lubricant. The ability to protect the gearbox and to grant the clutch’s efficiency should be considered carefully as well. Indeed Krypton MBK range perfectly suits both motorbikes with wet clutches (Japanese ones) and dry clutches (like some Ducati models).

In order to choose the best quality product for your motorcycle Pakelo suggests to check two performance indicators which can be found on the packaging of the lubricant: API (American Petroleum Institute) and JASO (Japanese Automotive Standards Organization) levels. API states the quality of the lubricant with reference to the motor, while JASO points out the quality with reference to the clutch. Currently top levels are API SM – API SN and JASO MA2. Is it necessary to say that Pakelo Krypton MBK range passes the test with highest honors?