Palaplast is one of the most dynamic industries in the production of plastic pipes and fittings, predominant in the areas of irrigation, water supply, heating, as well as in the production of fiber optic pipes.

The total size of Palaplast facilities amounts to 182.000m2 with a specially designed building units of 45.000m2 and employs about 400 people. Processes over 20.000 tons of plastic annually. Over the years it has been established as a leading industry with headquarters in the Industrial Area of ​​Thessaloniki, a branch in Athens and new production facilities in Thebes as well asthe two subsidiary companies Palaplast-Izmir in Izmir, Turkey and Palaplast-Expert in Bucharest, Romania. Features a wide range of 4,000 codes, while adopting innovative solutions. Continuous technological development, search for new production methods, quality assurance, innovation and extroversion, are the key-elements that distinguish and consolidate Palaplast in the International market.

Main exporting countries are Bulgaria, Romania, Poland, Albania, Mexico and France. In addition, over the last three years, we have developed an aggressive sales strategy in Germany, Hungary and Kosovo. England is a market in which our brand name is gradually strengthening. In addition, during the current three years, our products are distributed both in Russia and in the United Arab Emirates and through various European projects that are carried out, we promote our products in African countries. 

The development of extroversion is achieved through participation in exhibitions, as it strengthens our brand name in the internationally competitive market. However, last year, all these activities were kept to a minimum. Nevertheless, during this time, we took part in 16 exhibitions with physical and digital presence. Our goal for 2022 is to take part in at least 7 industry exhibitions around the world.

The R&D department, the state of art mechanical equipment, the well-planned production program, and the continuous development of the Research & Development Department with special irrigation products, places Palaplast among the companies with the most popular and recognizable products in its field. Palaplast, having as its primary goal the satisfaction of market demands, places great emphasis on Research and Development, as a result of which it has proceeded to create new products, offering its consumers a reliable and tailored choice. The percentage of new products developed in the last three years based on turnover is around 4%.

The last year has been very productive for Palaplast, with increasing sales in the domestic market and abroad. Turnover was close to 31 million euros with an increase 18%, while exports showed a 30% increase in turnover. In 2022, our upward trend is predicted to continue and it is estimated based on the data so far that the turnover will reach approximately 38 million euros.

The company aspires to contribute to the development of worldwide water saving applications. One of the pioneers in the field, Palaplast, supports the effort to protect against the waste of water through its proper use, irrigating effectively, reliably and efficiently the agricultural crops in Greece and around the world. 

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