Palaplast is considered one of the most dynamic industries in the production of plastic pipes and fittings, predominant in the areas of irrigation, water supply, heating, as well as in the production of fiber optic pipes.

The company is situated in a privately owned site of 100.000m2 with a specially designed covered area of 30.000m2 and employs more than 300 people. From its headquarters in the industrial area of Sindos, in Thessaloniki, the central administration organizes and controls all the activities of the group companies, consisting of the mother company Palaplast S.A., of the branch office in Athens, as well as of the two subsidiary companies Palaplast-Izmir in Izmir, Turkey, Palaplast-Expert in Bucharest, Romania.

Continuing an upward course and anticipating changing trends, Palaplast realized another substantial advancement and entered dynamically into the production of PVC pipes. With the acquisition of facilities and mechanical equipment of a large company in the same sector, a strategically important investment aiming to expand the product range and gradually increase production capacity by up to 50%. Palaplast is growing in the construction industry and more specifically entering the field of building sewerage, sewer and pressure. It is expected that from the new year, the production of PVC pipes will start.

Placed among the largest European companies and established as an industry-leader in Greece, Palaplast processes 12,000 tons of raw materials for the production of fittings and pipes. Features a wide range of 4,000 codes, while adopting innovative solutions. Continuous technological development, search for new production methods, quality assurance, innovation and extroversion, are the key-elements that distinguish and consolidate Palaplast in the International market.

Maintaining an active export character since 1980, Palaplast now promotes its products in more than 70 countries worldwide, while offering the internationally competitive market, innovative and high quality goods. In line with the needs of international markets with its export earnings accounting for 50% of its turnover, Palaplast offers its customers a reliable and tailored option, as it continuously strives to meet their needs as efficiently as possible.

One of the pioneers in the field, Palaplast, supports the effort to protect against the waste of water through its proper use, irrigating effectively, reliably and efficiently the agricultural crops in Greece and around the world. Drip irrigation is one of the most effective irrigation systems for a sustainable water use and Palaplast has an expertise in it. The R&D department The state of art mechanical equipment for a well-planned production program, the continuous development of the Research & Development Department with special irrigation products places Palaplast among the companies with the most popular and recognizable products in its field. 

The company aspires to contribute to the development of worldwide applications, through the continuous upgrading of the management methods of its human, natural and financial resources and the adoption of state-of-the-art technology. 

2020 was a productive year for Palaplast, with increased sales in the domestic market as well as exports. Turnover closed close to € 31 million with a turnover increase of 18%, and exports showing a turnover increase of around 30%. In 2021, our upward trend is predicted to continue and it is estimated, based on the data so far, that the turnover will reach approximately 38 million euros. Although it is an early consumption, Palaplast considers having a 27% increase in 2022 in turnover.