Palazzani Industrie is one of the world leaders in aerial platforms production. With a team of highly specialized engineers and R&D department, the company applies innovative and unique technological solutions regarding ergonomics, performances, environmental responsibility and safety to its machines.

Easy Engineering: Tell us about your ranges of products / solutions.

Palazzani Industrie is an Italian manufacturer of Ragno aerial platforms. Our range of aerial platforms includes tracked and wheeled Ragno models, designed to successfully tackle any situations. Palazzani Industrie’s Ragno platforms can operate almost anywhere, in situations that are impossible for traditional platforms, covering a wide range of heights and outreaches.

These platforms are equipped with features that enable versatile use: they can operate autonomously, powered by with diesel engine and electrically with batteries, or with a single or three-phase socket outlet., offering the flexibility of being powered by the electrical grid and/or batteries. They can also easily drive off-road and on slopes such as: ramps of garages, staircases, etc.

The remarkable compactness of these platforms allows them to access tight spaces and operate with agility in enclosed and crowded environments, without noise or exhaust gases. Their ability to easily stabilize in tight spaces, on irregular and steep slopes, on delicate and low-capacity floors, makes them ideal tools for a wide range of applications.

Ease of use and a focus on safety are central to the design of these platforms, ensuring an intuitive and risk-free operational experience. Palazzani Industrie is committed to providing advanced and reliable solutions, making our Ragno platforms the ideal choice for those seeking high performance in any context.

The range of our aerial platforms starts from a height of 17 m and reaches up to 58 m and a outreach of 7.8 m up to 20 m to meet every need.

The TZX series consists of lightweight and compact spiders with an articulated aluminum arm with a double telescopic extension for maximum aerial agility. Thanks to their compactness and agility, they are ideal for internal and external maintenance, landscaping and restoration work.

The TSJ series is lightweight and compact, with telescopic arm and articulated upper jib. The boom can rotate under any set-up condition, the hoses are routed and protected inside the boom. In addition, they have variable width tracks and independent outriggers rotating in 2 different positions, to move safely across slopes as well as for maneuvering and work in confined spaces. They are ideal for construction work, landscaping, and internal and external maintenance.

The XTJ series is narrow and compact, either for driving and set-up, and it can work with simple and direct movements, with zero tail swing.  The set-up is automatic with outriggers individually rotating and articulating on 2 different positions. The rotation of the turret of 660° is possible under any set-up condition. They are the best rental solution, ideal for construction and telecommunications.

Ragno TZ 330+ is equipped with an innovative double pantograph arm and basket with a capacity of 120-250 kg. This Spider lift is light, compact and is suitable to the most difficult operational and overall dimensions requirements, thanks also to the independent stabilizers with an essential design, limited overall dimensions and with multiple set-up system. It is ideal for construction as well as for indoor-outdoor maintenance.

Ragno TTZJ 58 is the highest platform in our range. It maintains all the characteristics of Palazzani products, lightness, compactness, ease of use and agility, offering the maximum working height of the category Spider thanks to the system of articulated arm with double slide and fly jib. Designed to be the solution to hard-to-access interventions that many applications such as telephony, internal or external maintenance and general rental have.

E.E: Which are the most sold products / solutions?

The choice of machines depends on the evolution of the years and the specific needs of customers. Among the available options, the most outstanding models are the TZX 225 and the TZX 250, the TSJ 30.1 of the Junior line, and the Ragno XTJ 43+ of the Master line. These are considered intermediate measures that offer an interesting balance between quality and price, making them suitable for a wide range of applications.

The TZX 225 and TZX 250 models are particularly popular for indoor outdoor maintenance, landscaping, and restoration.

Ragno TZX 225 is a versatile Spider lift, able to operate on soft terrain and delicate floors, thanks to the non-marking tracks supplied. The set-up is double and easy in restricted areas; each articulated aluminum arm is equipped with a double telescopic extension for maximum aerial agility.

Ragno TZX 250 is an extremely light and performing Spider lift. The aluminum telescopic boom with two articulated and telescopic sections allows to operate up to 25 meters high, with no movement limit with 2 operators in the cage. Double set-up: wide and narrow, quick, and simple.

Ragno TSJ 30.1 is the ideal solution for construction and indoor-outdoor maintenance. It’s the classic Spider platform, light and compact, with 5-section telescopic boom and upper articulated jib. The boom can rotate under any set-up condition, the hoses are routed and protected inside the boom. Each outrigger can be rotated in 2 different positions, to set-up in confined spaces, with automatic self-leveling. It is ideal for site works and external and internal maintenance works.

The XTJ 43+ distinguishes itself in restoration facilities, as well as in applications related to telecommunications. It is a narrow and compact Spider lift, either for driving and set-up, and it can work with simple and direct movements, with zero tail swing. The working areas are monitored by the automatic “area manager” safety system. The set-up is automatic with outriggers individually rotating and articulating on 2 different positions. The rotation of the turret of 660° is possible under any set-up condition.

In summary, these machines have been chosen to offer a high level of versatility and performance, allowing you to successfully cope with a variety of tasks in different sectors, from restoration to maintenance, to telecommunications.

E.E: What are clients looking for when they want to buy products / solutions from your range?

Surely one of the main reasons why customers want to buy Ragni Palazzani is the high quality of the product, both in terms of technology, reliability, and safety. From a technological point of view, in fact, we have developed an intelligent software able to monitor the diagnostic data of the aerial platform, improving the user experience of the customer and giving more security.

Our spiders are also full optional, so they already include in the basic model many interesting features, such as the “Kit PalConnect”, a remote connection service with the aerial platform that allows the user to monitor the key parameters of use of the machine and to intervene with some of them, basket anti-collision kit: a laser sensors are positioned at the four corners of the basket and monitor the distance between the operator and any vertical obstacles, ultrasonic sensors check the presence of any obstacles around the perimeter, pads for outriggers, different types of pads to distribute the load of the ground stabilizers and have greater stability of the machine and many others.

Another reason is to choose hybrid or electric solutions to carry out work indoors and contribute to sustainability.

Another very important reason is the presence of a widespread network of authorized dealers and workshops to support all our customers and provide customized solutions for every type of emergency. Our technical team guarantees fast, professional, and efficient service, thanks to its long experience in the sector and continuous training. Our dealers provide professional after-sales assistance: scheduled maintenance, overhauls, periodic checks, interventions, and complete support to keep the machine running and operational. Palazzani dealers are constantly updated on products and news to ensure a competent and timely service. Our warehouse stocks a wide choice of spare parts for all models manufactured by Palazzani. Also, thanks to the network of distributors, we can ensure the supply of spare parts anywhere quickly.

Finally, you can also customize the aerial platform according to your needs, adding other options and customizing the colors of the machine and applying the stickers of your company.

E.E: On which aspects should clients focus when deciding to buy a product / solution?

When customers decide to buy a particular product, they should first assess their needs and then consider the quality of the products offered, the features and options, the topic of safety, the technological level, the reliability and historicity of the company, the service system, the sustainability.

E.E: Tell us a short buying guide for clients who want to purchase your products / solutions?

Customers who want to buy our products can visit our website to learn about the history of our company in Italy since 1935 and the characteristics of our aerial platforms through the data sheets. Customers can contact us for more information and to develop an offer that meets their needs.

In fact, we can offer customers already complete platforms to which they can add many options such asprotection of pruners, a covers kit in iron for delicate parts of the machine such as cylinders stems, valves and reels to protect against branches or other materials falling from above, pedal to the cage, a safety pedal to operate the movements from the cage, anemometer, a device for measuring the wind, with an acoustic warning of the wind max speed allowed for aerial working and many others.

E.E: What should clients know when they plan to upgrade their existing solutions?

It’s important that customers are aware of their needs and requirements, so that they know what to look for in detail and make a right choice.

It is essential to keep in mind that Palazzani Industrie is constantly updated in terms of technology and safety and is constantly looking for solutions that can satisfy all customers.

E.E: Why do clients choose your products / solutions over other existing on the market?

Customers choose our products because they know they are reliable, safe, efficient aerial platforms. The quality of our machines comes from the combination of innovation, constant improvement, and passion.

In fact, Palazzani Industrie combines passion and Italian manufacturing tradition with the most recent technologies to offer high-performance products suitable for every need.

Our spiders are chosen because they are light and compact and can easily reach workplaces difficult to access.

Another reason is the assistance service we provide to our customers thanks to our team of technicians and a dense network of dealers both nationally and internationally.

E.E: What sets your products / solutions apart? What innovative / special features do they have?

The characteristics that distinguish our aerial platforms are the high-tech tools such as the 4.3 colour touch screen monitor present both on the ground and on the cage control panel, providing the operator with all detailed and salient information of the aerial working platform he needs during aerial work.

The monitor interface has been designed to minimize user interactions and display the most useful information at all times depending on the state of the machine.

As well as on the ground, also in the basket the monitor provides suggestions and messages to facilitate the operator’s work.

The presence of “PalConnect Kit”, a “ready to go” package that can be combined with the Ragno platform. It is a kit that offers a remote connection service with the aerial platform that allows the user to monitor the key parameters of use of the machine and intervene with some of them.

The possibility of being able to choose an eco or hybrid version of our aerial platforms is an advantage for those who have to work inside or for those who want to be environmentally sustainable.

The possibility of applying the winch (500kg or 980 kg) instead of the basket to use the aerial platform as a crane. Coupling system and quick release of the hydraulic winch to accelerate and speed up the replacement between basket and winch, reducing significantly the machine downtime.

Simply through a mechanical connection lever, all pipes are automatically connected/disconnected. The hydraulic connector is able to discharge the residual pressure present in the pipes and consequently allows the connection without any force needed.

E.E: Tell us some tips & tricks that clients can use when searching to buy your products / solutions?

We advise our customers to identify their needs, in order to be able to offer them a suitable offer and do everything to meet them.

At this point customers can contact us directly for more information on the characteristics of our spiders and the options that can be implemented.

For example, you can evaluate the insertion of the winch, the possibility of making packages of machines, the platform suitable for the type of use and work that the customer must carry out, the type of motor, the presence of wheels or tracks.

E.E: What products / solutions are you going to launch next year?

Palazzani Industrie has just launched the TTZJ 58 Spider, the highest Spider in the world!! During GIS Expo 2023 we delivered the first example of this type of spider to Mr. Corrado Casiraghi of Tecman, Italian company specializing in AWP and crane rental that believed in our new project. During the first day of GIS Expo, we have been awarded at the Italplatform event – Italian Access Platform Awards – with our great amazement, we received the “Product of the year Crawler Spider sector” award for our Ragno TTZJ 58!

We have just launched the new TSJ 35.1 Eco with type 2 socket, which allows you to recharge the aerial platform anywhere and with ease.

Our goals for next year will therefore be to support these two of our new projects and continue to give research and development to evolve our Spiders and our company.


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