PAXLY is the first B2B digital supplier of customized cardboard boxes and corrugated packaging, founded in 2019.

With PAXLY you can save time, money and nerves. There is a suitable manufacturer for every packaging, from which PAXLY, as a bulk buyer, extracts the best conditions for you. We offer a digital solution that automates independent packaging advice, simplifies the enquiry process to find the best producers, compares prices on a 1:1 basis and digitizes the entire printing and sample checking processes as well as forecasting functions for order management. 

PAXLY’s founding team has known each other since university and has more than three decades of combined experience in warehousing and digital expertise.

2022 is a challenge for us and we are very excited about what is to come. We start it in our new office in Halle (Saale) and with a bigger and more united team.

On the economic side, our goals are clearly to acquire more clients who are well-known and large companies. In addition to working together with new suppliers and partners. 

On the market side, we are looking to offer a new service to make the PAXLY packaging buying experience even more optimal and personalized. 

On the marketing side, we hope to have more presence through social media such as LinkedIn in order to grow our circle of contacts. We also hope to be able to participate in more fairs, talks and publications in magazines and newspapers. 

Finally, in the social/environmental field we want to be more involved in these areas. We are currently looking at how we can do our bit for the environment with PAXLY.

Visit our digital platform on our website, where you can also find more information about PAXLY, the team and our customers.

For support, you can contact:

Thomas Auer

Tel.: +49 176 57927492

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