DiniTech is a Styrian company that develops, produces and sells innovative products in the fields of electronics, electrical engineering and electromobility. Since the company was founded in 2012, they have been able to make a name for themselves as a highly professional and competent electronics and product developer both as a service provider for external customers and as a producer of our own branded products.

Easy Engineering: What’s new in the field of charging technology for electric cars?

DiniTech: The flexible wallbox – NRGkick – from DiniTech now offers photovoltaic-led charging. The Smart Service upgrade is a groundbreaking software solution that is simply activated over the air after purchase, on the NRGkick and the app. No additional hardware is required. This means that there is a customer-friendly and effective product in the field of charging technology for electric vehicles.

E.E: Where was the product and software solution developed?

DiniTech: The development comes directly from the competence centre in St. Stefan im Rosental, headquarters of the company DiniTech GmbH. The new technology combines sustainability with efficiency and enables electric vehicle owners to supply their vehicles with environmentally friendly electricity directly from their own photovoltaic systems. Especially in the field of PV surplus charging, NRGkick incl. PV-guided charging offers an answer to this challenge and opens new possibilities for environmentally conscious consumers.

E.E: For whom is this software solution incl. hardware?

DiniTech: Smart Service PV charging for NRGkick, the flexible wallbox, is the perfect solution for electric vehicle owners with their own photovoltaic system. With the increasing demand for electric vehicles and renewable energies, the integration of solar systems and e-mobility is becoming more and more important. Owners of photovoltaic systems try to maximise their own consumption. In combination with an electric car or a battery storage system

E.E: How does NRGkick’s new Smart Service PV-charging with NRGkick work?

DiniTech: DiniTech’s technology enables electric vehicle owners to charge their vehicles smartly and safely using the (surplus) solar power from their own PV systems. This is done automatically and also optimises the charging processes to ensure that the solar power generated is used efficiently.

E.E: What are the main features and benefits of the Smart Service?

DiniTech: No additional hardware required: Photovoltaic-led charging for NRGkick is a software upgrade and no additional installation of equipment in the home is required. The customer buys the Smart Service via the app or the web shop and can start setting it up immediately.

Quick and easy start: Using the NRGkick app and activating the PV charging licence, all components of the PV system can be added step by step. This can be done very easily by every smartphone owner himself. 

Individual options: The technology optimises the charging process based on the desired PV charging strategy and the individual requirements of the vehicle. In addition, customers can also make more precise settings via the app, such as PV excess charging, consideration of house battery storage, phase transition and much more. 

Ease of use: DiniTech’s solution is user-friendly and can be easily integrated into existing PV systems via the NRGkick app.

E.E: What else is there to say about it?

DiniTech: Smart Service PV Charging for NRGkick is constantly being improved and further functions are already being. With the multitude of possibilities for optimal charging strategies, DiniTech thus provides its current and future customers with the possibility to optimally use their PV system for charging their cars without specialist knowledge.