Polo LTC manufactures a wide range of equipment for the food and confectionery industries. One of the directions of their work is the production of cooking complexes or kitchens for producing confectionery masses, fillings, sauces, toppings, caramel, and more. The company manufactures them either separately or to complement the existing lines of customers, as well as part of their projects (cereal bar lines, soufflé mass and marshmallow lines, candy production lines, enrobing lines etc.).

One of Polo LT’sC latest projects was a line for making soufflé dessert with chocolate coating and fruit filling. The kitchen for preparing soufflé mass with a Hansa Mixer aerator, which they represent in several countries, and a cooking complex for preparing fillings were part of the line. The cooking complex for fillings works for several lines and also as a standalone unit producing fillings as a separate product.

The complete line, in addition to the kitchen, includes a depositing machine, a cooling tunnel, an enrobing machine with a tempering system, chocolate storage and feeding systems, and distributing conveyors for packaging. 

The client’s need was precisely for versatility – so that the cooking complex could produce various fillings and toppings and provide for the use of equipment for different production lines of the company.

The client chose Polo LTC because they offered a comprehensive solution, complete installation, and project launch, including technological support. In addition, the company fully adapted the line to the production features and needs of the client. The production and installation of pipelines was also entirely carried out by company’s specialists.

Specifically speaking about the vacuum cooking complex for fillings, Polo LTC selected a tank with a double steam jacket, a specially designed stirrer, and automated feeding and weighing of components. The mixer design is always tailored to the specific characteristics of the product. Despite having ready-made solutions, the company takes an individual approach to each order and select the design that ensures the most efficient operation of the equipment for the given product.

The cooking process is fully controlled from the control panel. Parameters are displayed on the screen. Control is provided by a Siemens controller. 

The vacuum complex is equipped with steam fittings that automatically control the steam supply to the jacket. If desired, the complex can be equipped with a jacket for a heat transfer fluid, such as water or oil. The use of steam accelerates the process and avoids inertia during preparation.

The complex also includes automatic feeding and dosing of bulk components.

The equipment design allows for the preparation of a wide range of sauces and fillings, jams, including soft caramel. 

Vacuum cooking complexes are suitable for the preparation of:

  • Syrups
  • Jams, toppings, fruit infusions
  • Jellies, marmalades
  • Fat-based and fruit fillings
  • Caramels, fondant masses, nougat
  • Sauces, ketchups, marinades
  • Fruit and vegetable purees
  • and other similar products.

Using vacuum speeds up the cooking process and results in a product with higher organoleptic qualities. If necessary, the complex can prepare the product using an open cooking method. Discharge under excess pressure is provided.

The finished product can be fed, as needed, into storage tanks located in different parts of the customers facilities and servicing different lines, or if fillings and toppings need to be produced as separate products, into the dosing line.

The company has developed a special system for managing the line and the cooking complex, which allowed them to control the process and keep statistics. The project was fully launched and installed by Polo LTC’s specialists.

All the equipment Polo LTC produces is manufactured in a hygienic design using high-quality materials and components, undergoing inspection at every stage of production.

The use of an automated kitchen, including the vacuum cooking complex, allowed client to ease the operator’s work, ensure a stable result, and eliminate the human factor’s influence on the process.

The project was very important for the customer, as Polo LTC carried out a complete modernization of the enterprise, building several lines and improving existing ones. The soufflé dessert production line is just part of the production. The ability to prepare various fillings and confectionery masses in the same equipment contributed to the diversification of the customer’s product range.

At the moment, the company is specifically manufacturing marshmallow lines for this customer, which they plan to launch by the end of this year.

In general, the configuration of kitchens for preparing confectionery masses, fillings, and syrups can vary greatly depending on the product characteristics, preparation technology, or even the specific features of the customer’s premises. Polo LTC manufactures both complexes with manual component loading and fully automated systems, which include the preparation and storage of dry and liquid components. 

The company’s specialists have extensive experience in equipment for the food and confectionery industries and will help you choose the equipment that suits your needs.

The second half of 2024 is almost entirely dedicated to launching projects whose completion is scheduled for this period. The company plans to launch marshmallow lines, fudge and jelly candy lines, several complexes for bulk storage and dosing of components, as well as cooking complexes for caramel and fillings. Currently, their priority is the successful completion of all installations and launches, as well as forming a production plan for the second half of 2025.

Polo LTC is pleased to see many companies they have been working with for a long time moving towards process automation and upgrading equipment to more functional and technological options.

More information about vacuum cooking complexes https://www.pololts.com/production-lines/vacuum-tank/


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