Australian Pool safety hinges on the reliability of trusted fence and gate hardware solutions. Polaris Hinges, effectively eliminate the hazards of outdated slamming, unsafe spring hinges on gates. As Australians increasingly prioritize safeguarding their families, the significance of robust features in home design cannot be overstated. With the prevalence of backyard pools and spas, pool safety remains a top concern, particularly for households with children or pets.

Recognizing the imperative nature of pool safety, Polaris Hinges have emerged as a trusted choice in Australia nationwide and now globally. This reputation is well-deserved, given the stringent pool fence regulations in Australia, which necessitate compliant barriers and gate hardware. Polaris Hinges offer not only reliability but also peace of mind, aligning perfectly with the emphasis on water safety promoted by organizations like the Royal Life Saving Society Australia.

Designed by Glass Hardware Australia in 2010 after extensive research and development, Polaris Hinges address the specific challenges of creating a safe, durable, and self-closing hinge. Their unparalleled durability and strength make them ideal for various applications, particularly in ensuring secure and soft closure at pool access points.

Moreover, Polaris Hinges feature innovative safety caps and ‘no foot hold’ gaskets, mitigating the risk of accidents by preventing children from using the hinge to scale the gate. The soft close mechanism also protects little fingers from injuries, enhancing overall pool safety.

Polaris have not just solved the problem of placing high quality soft close hinges onto new pool gates but have created a solution for Retrofitting onto existing gates. To replace pool gate hinges used to be an extremely costly exercise with the gate panels having to be replaced. Now with the Polaris 155 Retrofit Hinge, you can retrofit this hinge onto most existing gates with no need for panel replacement.

Polaris Hinges are the recipient of both the Australian Good Design Awards and more recently Good Design USA Awards for Polaris latest innovation the 156 Utility Surface Mount Hinge.

This hinge is suitable for most gate applications and comes with colour changeable covers for the aesthetically appealing styling of the hinges to any décor.

Beyond their functional benefits, Polaris Hinges boast a sleek and modern design that seamlessly integrates with contemporary architectural styles, ensuring that safety measures do not compromise aesthetic appeal. Their versatility extends to various entry points around a property, making them a preferred choice for architects, builders, and homeowners seeking safety, durability, and reliability. And with one of the longest warranties in the market, up to 60months, Polaris Hinges have become a preferred choice for many homes and businesses around the world.

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