2022 will be a year of changes and growth for PowerUP. This year, we plan on launching new products, attend events all over the globe and collaborate with people and companies in different countries. At PowerUP, we aim to reposition our brand in the market by combining our fuel cells with smart AI and other renewable energy technologies in order to provide full value chain energy solutions to our customers.

Our ambition is growing hand in hand with our business. Last year our team increased threefold and we plan to continue growing in 2022. We have been working hard to develop new groundbreaking technologies that will allow our clients to achieve energy independence and improve their energy efficiency. Additionally, all of our existing and future products are improving our planet’s health by contributing to the net-zero race. In 2022, we will be launching new products and announcing exciting collaborations. 

The Covid-19 pandemic has affected businesses in all industries and unfortunately PowerUP has been impacted as well. The launch of our new generator, the UP1K, was planned to be in Germany at one of the biggest boating events of the year. As the event was cancelled due to Covid, the launch of the UP1K was postponed to March, giving the team an opportunity to launch it by demonstrating its real life use. Unlike the UP400, the UP1K will not only have use cases in the recreational sector, it will also be used in the disaster relief sector and in industrial use. 

Another important launch this year will be the UP Solid Storage which would be designed to provide high power, high energy density, and a small footprint to its users, while being extremely lightweight compared to standard batteries. 

Apart from developments product wise, we are also working to improve the availability of hydrogen to our current and future customers. We have been working on a  hydrogen network that involves a network of different partners along the hydrogen supply chain. Everyone knows that it can be a challenge to find hydrogen and our aim is to create a network to solve this problem. We involved logistic partners, technical manufacturers, green hydrogen producers and end users distributed in a big part of North Europe. Our goal is to scale this project to the whole of Europe. 

Part of the hydrogen network project is PowerUP’s partnership with Parcelsea in Estonia. We have worked closely with them to develop and produce a smart cabinet that allows people to refuel hydrogen tanks. This will be revolutionary in the field of hydrogen distribution.

Ivar Kruusenverg, CEO PowerUP

Our ambitious plans are not confined to Europe. PowerUP is currently working on multiple projects in the US. Among them will be the conversion of a racing boat to a hydrogen boat.  Another project will be the revamping of an old, beautiful vintage campervan both showcasing that leisure industry’s acceptance to greener alternatives. In the disaster relief sector, we are at a planning phase with partners to decarbonise the Bay area in Berkley, California. 

In 2022, we also plan on launching our brand new PowerApp. The main functions of the app will include controlling our products, finding service, dealers and general contacts. It will also allow you to download the latest version of the software and upload it directly onto the generator. Apart from these basic features, the App will be incremental in our hydrogen network where the customers would be able to order hydrogen to their doorsteps at a click of a button. 

Whether you need a sustainable energy solution for recreational or professional use – we provide full value chain energy solutions for every customer. In the coming years, we want to contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions and do our part to save the planet. We are excited to launch more sustainable products this year and collaborate with people all over the world. Keep an eye out because we are going to introduce some exciting news in 2022.