Preo is a leader company in designing and producing hot glue machines, with a full made in Italy technical, commercial, productive supply chain. 

The outstanding company that celebrates its 85 years of service and is led by Ermanno Preo, current CEO of the company. Preo’s history is worth mentioning in detail, they were able to achieve an important milestone in the international market reaching a prestigious place among hot-melt system competitors. 

The history of PREO collides almost with the dawn of the first world war, when in 1938 Antionio Preo lays the foundations to “Officine Meccaniche Preo” manufacturers of precision and measuring instruments. 

Thanks to the first years’ hard work, the company can keep up its growth and become a European leader and focal point in the production of high-precision details for various industrial sectors, including medical, optical, aerospace and military; all of this was made possible by the contribution of Giorgio, Ermanno and Alberto Preo. 

Between the 80s and the 90s, the company steps into a fascinating and passionate new adventure: focusing all its qualified experience and know-how in designing and producing hot-melt adhesive systems, aiming at becoming one of the main worldwide producers. 

In a few years PREO sinks its roots way deep into the international market, owing its growth mainly to its competence and multi-year experience in the aerospace field, and to its persistent focus on research and development. The company has provided its customers with innovation and reliability amongst its products, conquering a prestigious spot not only in the design and production of standard hot gluing systems, but also in designing and producing systems that could fit each customer’s needs. 

During early 2000 PREO has its official quantum leap: alongside highly trained technicians and several highly innovative modern hot gluing systems, the company develops a full on made in Italy, structured, technical, commercial and highly productive supply chain in hot gluing systems, thus bolstering up the worldwide image of “Made in Italy”. 

In 2020, the company reaches its third generation and continues on its growth in the international market, becoming a crucial landmark reaching important and historical outcomes: for the first time PREO Srl reached 8 million euro worth of sales, increasing income by overall 20% compared to the previous year and 35% on export sales. During this year PREO installed and sold over 1.000 systems, demonstrating that the company established itself as one of the leading and most reliable worldwide manufacturers. 

The company, located in Corsico, in the near premises of Milano, carries on its activity in a 4.000 sqm area, divided into two large buildings, which contain the complete supply chain, design and production of all PREO machines. The company is your typical highly specialized, medium-sized company, with an ISO 9001 certification; sole company in this field to manage the entire design and production chain in its own establishment, sprucing all of this up with its highly efficient after sales and technical service. 

Another important aspect which helped PREO mark its way out into the international field is its persistent research of high standard quality and innovation, shaping the company’s competitiveness both in standard gluing machines and in designing custom made systems. 

Today PREO has a wide range of highly known customers, both in Italy and in almost 50 nations of the world, and thanks to its fast and efficient sales, aftersales, and technical support is able to provide customers with all their guiling needs, ranging among various sectors: bottling, automotive, pharmaceutical industries, cosmetics, and many others. 

Always at the forefront of the sector, PREO aims to consolidate the prestigious position achieved in 85 years of activity and history, both in the national and above all in the international market, maintaining and guaranteeing the excellence and quality that always distinguishes the products and services offered.