Prisma Electronics is a technology company that is specialized in different areas in the production and manufacturing of electronic systems and smart solutions. Based in Alexandroupolis, Greece, with offices in Athens, London and San Francisco, Prisma Electronics stands out for the innovation and high-level quality standards focusing mainly on IoT, Electronic Manufacturing Services, Advanced Data Analytics, and Information Communication Technologies in various industries, including defense, maritime (LAROS), and aerospace.

Easy Engineering: A brief description of the company and its activities

Starting as a small electronics workshop in 1991, today PRISMA ELECTRONICS has been evolved and classified as a world-level player in the industry, with its own special infrastructure and special facilities including an ISO 7 clean room. Throughout the years, the company has significantly grown in terms of extending its product line and market reach by continuously adapting to changing technological trends and bespoke customer needs. Notable collaborations include CERN (European Organization for Nuclear Research) ESA (European Space Agency), Airbus, and its involvement in projects with CSA, SMILE, ARIEL, and NASA what altogether push Prisma Electronics boundaries of technology and innovation within the space and defense sectors. The company takes pride in sharing that back in 2009 it was awarded the Gold Industry Award by CERN, recognizing its contributions in the field of electronics for high-energy physics experiments, and since then has gained different types of awards in different industries including shipping such as Lloyds List for Technical Achievement and Energy Efficiency Award by Smart4Sea and many others.  

Prisma Electronics primarily focuses on the design and manufacturing of electronic systems. This capability consists of a wide range of products, including sensors, communication devices, control systems, and other customized solutions for the defense, maritime, and aerospace industries. While we meet our ends with our products, we also place a major emphasis on research and development dedicated to quality, sustainability, and corporate social responsibility. The main goal is to continually advance technology while sustaining environmentally responsible standards. However, that would not be possible without the assistance of our 100 plus employees, most of whom are highly specialized engineers, programmers and analysts who constitute our company’s dedicated R&D division.

E.E: What are the main areas of activity for the company?

The main areas of the company’s activity include its specialization in the high-technology industry, primarily providing electronic design, manufacturing, and integrated systems solutions. Among company’s specialties include the integration and testing of electronic devices and systems, as well as the manufacturing of quality printed circuit board assemblies, cables, and harness. The company also provides systems solutions, ranging from the development of combined software, advanced electronics, and integrated communication technology to solve complex challenges. The main areas of activity of Prisma Electronics reflect its commitment to innovation, high-quality products, and excellent customer satisfaction, positioning Prisma Electronics among the leading companies in the global electronics industry. 

Also, one of our key focus is on R&D because we believe it is our key to success and future prosperity. The fact that we are allocating a substantial 15% of our revenue to this sector clearly proves the importance of R&D and the high expectations already set for future innovation.  Evidently, this has proven beneficial for our company, because since 2005, we have engaged in more than 20 R&D projects that are worth more than 45 million euros. By collaborating with a diverse group of partners, including businesses, government entities and academic or research institutions, the company has established a cooperative model that emphasizes both present and future goals. The company’s proactive stance in research has solidified its position as a leader in technological advancements, expanding its influence across various commercial and industrial sectors. Our company provides our own range of products but also offers design and development services as an external contractor. This allows us to share our knowledge and experience with our partners and extend the collaboration and co-development of products even further. 

E.E: What’s the news about new products and services?

Before we explore the topic of new products, let’s pause for a moment to gain a deeper understanding of the background. Starting with the defense industry, back in October 2017, when the Belharra project began, the Naval Group (formerly DCNS) revealed the FDI (Frégate de Défense et d’Intervation), to modernize France’s naval forces with an entirely new class of advanced frigates. These ships represent the epitome of modern naval technology. In 2019, Prisma Electronics signed a Memorandum of Cooperation with the Hellenic Navy in the field of ship support. Under this agreement, Prisma Electronics was tasked with installing a state-of-the-art, digital, multiparametric tracking and data collection system for the Hellenic Navy. S

ince October 2022, we have established a strategic partnership with the esteemed French company Naval Group which led to recognition of our IoT, wireless systems, and integrated electronics solutions under the Belharra project. This agreement has assigned Prisma Electronics the highly important task of integrating a currently developed main sensor into the frigates. Thus, the role of the company in the industrial participation of Greek companies in the Belharra project, was highlighted. The deliveries schedule will last until the end of the year and continue into 2025, emphasizing the long-lasting partnership between Prisma Electronics and the Naval Group. “This project marks a transformative leap for the company” quoted by the CEO, Christos Giordamlis. With the ability to supply the Naval Group, Prisma Electronics is in the best position to build more global alliances. Capitalizing on our establishment track record of delivering innovative, high-quality electronic solutions, this venture presents opportunities for further development and collaboration in the realm of marine defense.

Moving on to the space sector, our company is entering a new project called MICE-1. This involves sending a nanosatellite into space by 2025. With this project, our goal is to revolutionize data transmission for maritime and other strategic infrastructures. This nanosatellite, displaying the Prisma electronics logo, will ensure communication with devices installed on ships and other critical facilities (LAROS). This integration enhances safety and enables ships to interact more effectively with terrestrial networks. The MICE-1 project showcases Prisma Electronics’s step forward, from submitting a proposal to the European Space Agency (ESA) in 2022 to its approval in 2023. The European Space Agency has opted to fully fund and oversee this groundbreaking project, reinforced by financial backing from the Ministry of Digital Governance and the Greece 2.0 program. By sharing a close working relationship with ESA teams, Prisma Electronics’ engineers are helping to make the development of this nanosatellite a reality. Our vision extends beyond MICE-1, encompassing plans to develop a nanosatellite with wider coverage capabilities and enhanced disaster response. 

More new products and services that Prisma Electronics will launch are a range of breakthrough products within the innovative platform of PrismaSense that are set to redefine urban and environmental protection. PrismaSense is an advanced technology platform designed to integrate and bring to support a variety of cutting-edge technologies for environmental monitoring, urban sustainability, and other smart city applications. The idea is to help make urban areas and natural environments safer, more efficient, and with a much lighter ecological footprint. There will be an all-encompassing monitoring system powered by state-of-the-art sensors and AI that continuously identifies and analyzes real-time pollution levels, noise pollution, and other environmental menaces, allowing cities to take immediate corrective action.

Another design includes the latest IoT technology to monitor the quality of water flowing through urban waterways, detecting contaminants and alerting authorities if there are any indication of looming ecological threats. A different branch that the PrsimaSense covers is a system for advanced climate modeling and weather prediction algorithms to help cities prepare for and mitigate the impact of severe weather, minimizing potential damage and keeping their citizens safe. Prisma Electronics is equipped with the power of technology to fulfill its mission of not just protecting the urban environment and the natural world, but significantly enhancing the quality of life of communities everywhere. Over time, PrismaSense will lead to a future where our cities are truly resilient and ecologically sustainable, and above all will be infinitely safer for the community.

E.E: What are the ranges of products/services?

Prisma Electronics provides a diverse range of products and services in different industries. In every industry where the company operates, our products represent advanced, tailored solutions. We are best known for our expertise in electronic systems integration, encompassing hardware, software, and network technologies, thereby amplifying system functionality and efficiency. As experts in modern wireless systems, the company ensures secure and efficient data flow via remote monitoring and control in sectors such as shipping and infrastructural development. In the field of IT, Prisma Electronics offers an entire range of products, such as software solutions, data analysis tools, and IoT devices, that can help to digitalize businesses all over the world.  The MICE-1 nanosatellite initiative marked a significant milestone in the company’s innovative trajectory, activating a shift in its approach to data transfer within the maritime domain through space technology, thus revolutionizing communication and strengthening safety and efficiency. 

In addition, our company provides a range of solutions arranged to address the distinctive requirements of businesses and organizations in the contemporary digital landscape. Prisma Electronics’ ICT services include forward-thinking solutions in data management, cloud computing, network infrastructure, and cybersecurity. The performance-based and versatile, Prisma Electronics’ ICT strategy is centered on delivering bespoke services to clients that are designed to optimize performance, ensure data is secure and protected, and minimize downtime, while facilitating seamless communication. With electronics manufacturing at its core and a commitment to staying ahead of emerging trends and evolving technologies at every turn, Prisma Electronics’ ICT services are adaptable and anticipated to meet the complex, real-time, and future ICT demands of businesses and organizations alike.

As a company, we offer Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS), where we introduce state-of-the-art solutions to a plethora of fields by providing services to a variety of industries, such as aerospace, defense, maritime, and research, to name a few. Prisma Electronics’ EMS portfolio includes a broad spectrum of services ranging from printed circuit board assembly, cables, and harnessing up to device integration and system testing. The top-notch facilities and advanced manufacturing technologies ensure every piece of equipment and product is accurate, reliable, and efficient. Operating in accordance with strict international standards and regulations, Prisma Electronics lives by the common saying “quality over quantity,” hence making it the perfect guide for the manufacturing of complex and mission-critical electronic assemblies. Prisma Electronics’ EMS service portfolio is designed to meet the rapidly changing global market, boasting scalable and flexible solutions that undoubtedly bring innovation and competitive advantage to their clients.

Another product in our range, PrismaSense mentioned above stands also as a platform including IoT sensors, data analytics, and artificial intelligence to collect different types of data on a massive scale, solving diverse challenges. This platform can seamlessly integrate across various sectors. For instance, our company utilizes it within urban infrastructure and facilities. It is a new and transformative IoT solution intended for wireless remote monitoring to make data-driven decisions in a wide variety of applications. The platform entails real-time data collection through wireless collectors, which then processes the data to determine valuable insights. This facilitates the generation of precise decisions, immediate alerts, and customized reports. Resource allocation can be optimized, maintenance costs decreased, safety enhanced, disasters averted, equipment life prolonged, and operational efficiency maximized.  Its expandable and scalable nature allows for connectivity through multiple means. Compatible with various sensors and adaptable to diverse power sources, it employs efficient data transmission methods, including the use of twisted pair cables.

As part of our services, we’ve developed LAROS, a specialized solution tailored for the maritime industry. LAROS is a cutting-edge wireless remote monitoring and analytics system, prioritizing our dedication to advancing operational efficiency and ensuring environmental compliance. With over 700 installations internationally, this platform is a trusted and efficient way to handle vessels’ data. LAROS gives accurate, uninterrupted, well-organized and secure data, making it crucial for today’s fleet management. It improves work flow and decision-making by gathering and analyzing all critical vessels’ operational data. It is worth mentioning that it has received the Lloyd’s Award for Technical Achievement and Energy Efficiency Award by Smart4Sea. It excels in maritime data collection and performance evaluation. Noted for its unique hardware and software, this all-inclusive wireless remote monitoring and performance analysis system offers a major advantage in maritime business knowledge and operational productivity. In fact we are proud to report that it was selected to be part of the EPC (European Patrol Corvette) initiative by the European Defense Fund. By supplying their EPC fleet with LAROS, Europe ensures its maritime defense posture, keeps pace by guaranteeing their naval forces are empowered with the latest technology for peak decision-making and mission confidence in any and all missions, and makes a considerable leap forward in the advancement of modern naval operations.

An additional service that we provide within the industry of knowledge management and content presentation systems is Xenagos. This system is tailored to meet the needs of museum, cultural sites, galleries, cities, and large expos, enabling them to effectively manage and present information in a personalized and engaging manner for visitors. It is a knowledge management system that leverages semantic technology to deliver tailored content to each visitor based on their profile. Xenagos can manage large amounts of information, provide rich exhibit documentation, and track visitor data for analytics. It serves a wide array of customers in the cultural and educational sectors, showcasing its versatility and value in enriching visitor experiences with personalized content and information.

E.E: What is the state of the market where you are currently active?

The market in which Prisma Electronics operates is dynamic, with evolving technology demands driven by innovation, particularly in the marine, defense, aerospace, and critical infrastructure sectors. With the worldwide trend towards increasing globalizations, industries are placing a significant emphasis on innovation, safety, and efficiency. This heightened focus underscores the demand for sophisticated electronic systems and solutions, such as those offered by Prisma Electronics The use of such technologies as IoT, ML, AI, Digital Twins and remote monitoring platforms is gaining momentum today as companies and governments seek ways of improving their operational capabilities while remaining environment-safe and security-compliant. Moreover, port, maritime, naval, and defense industry modernization are undergoing digitization, seeking significant growth opportunities. Prisma Electronics, with its next-generation LAROS and participation in strategic projects such as the European Patrol Corvette (EPC), is poised to profit from these shifts. The company demonstrates a distinct international strategy through its initiatives in these domains, exemplified by its active involvement in the European defense market, which marks a noticeable stride. 

E.E: What can you tell us about market trends?

The main sectors of Prisma Electronics’ current market situation are clearly experiencing a rapid shift from digitalization, sustainability, and remote operations towards increased sophistication. The growing trend for digitalization is seen in the use of IoT and AI all of which are aimed at increasing operational efficiency, improving security, and increasing transparency. Upon completion, sustainability has been at the forefront, forcing companies to invest in green technologies and solutions that promote sustainable production, such as low environmental impact and energy efficiency. Additionally, the pandemic has considerably deepened its impact on digital transformation, including remote operations and monitoring, so that ever-more advanced electronic systems and solutions are required to support these processes. 

This change demonstrates the intensification of the focus on the regular functioning of the operation in the context of the challenges caused globally, but it is also in line with the rising demand for technologies that could support a more environmentally responsive and networked world. Prisma Electronics, as the one that has implemented innovative solutions like the LAROS systems and is involved in strategic sectors such as the European Patrol Corvette (EPC), has already been positioned in a prominent position to gain the benefits of these trends; therefore, the company’s commitment to innovation, efficiency, and sustainability is getting stronger.

E.E: What are the most innovative products and services marketed?

Among the array of innovative products and services offered by Prisma Electronics, the LAROS system stands out as a beacon of technological advancement. This comprehensive technology showcases the integration of remote monitoring, data analytics, and predictive maintenance, which is of particular importance to the maritime and defense industries. LAROS provides vessels and critical infrastructure with onshore and offshore monitoring, recording, and analysis of operational parameters in real-time and provides unprecedented insights into performance, safety, and efficiency. As the ability to accomplish diagnosis, prognosis, and early warning via smooth data broadcasting on a global scale is its main feature, LAROS is considered an indispensable tool in improving maritime operations. Furthermore, the company has entered the space technology sector with the nanosatellite mission MICE-1 as another step toward further expansion. This initiative seeks to foster data sharing between terrestrial systems and space, giving rise to new communication and safety opportunities in navigation. The product lines not only demonstrate the mission of Prisma Electronics to innovate, but also its strengths to supply to the demands of globally competitive markets, establishing it as a benchmark in operational efficiency and technological accomplishments.  

E.E: What estimations do you have for the beginning of 2024?

Just to throw in some numbers, to have a better idea of what happened in previous years, more than 50% of Prisma Electronics’ turnover concerns production directed abroad today. If we compare 2022 and 2023, the company had 9 million euros in revenue while the previous year was 6.98 million euros. So, the goal is to partner and collaborate with external companies to gain more brand awareness. Trying to improve each year, on our 2024 agenda, Prisma Electronics has proceeded to renew its production equipment at its factory by investing another 1.2 million euros. This strategic move will provide expansion and diversification to our production capabilities to mitigate risks. This initiative is primarily motivated by the aftermath of the devastating fire that recently affected the company in Evros, North of Greece. The investment is being carried out as part of the Corporate Agreement for the Development Framework (NSRF) programs “Green Transition” and “Digital Transformation,” while simultaneously it is co-financed by other programs, such as Research-Create-Innovate, Horizon 2020 and the European Defense Fund. This makes a significant move in the company’s ongoing investment program aimed at technology development.

That being said, as we step into 2024, Prisma Electronics estimations are concentrated towards technological growth and innovation. We expect to keep building our strong foundation in electronic manufacturing services, R&D projects, and ICT solutions, with significant developments across our activities. In the next six months, we will continue to pursue our expansion in the maritime defense sector, emphasizing our collaboration with Naval Group, where we will dispatch the first set of electronic circuits and special wiring for the Greek Navy’s Belharra frigates. Also, within the defense maritime sector, furthered by recent collaborations and the help of the Greek State, we hope to connect with Asian shipyards to enhance recognition for LAROS.

Hence, over the next six months, the ongoing investment in new production equipment will underscore and focus on new green and digital transformation initiatives. This step will push the manufacturer towards advanced manufacturing and sustainability practices. With an ongoing dedication to research and development as the key to our strategy, we foresee further technological advancements and product developments. We will also engage in new projects, aiming to strengthen the company’s presence in current markets and establish new ones. This aligns with Prisma Electronics’ mission to lead in innovation and quality within the electronic manufacturing industry.