New technologies and mechanical machining have never been so close.

OD-ONE is the brainchild of X-PRO, a company located in Bologna, Italy, specializing in complete machine tool equipment that designs and manufactures workpiece gripping equipment, tooling and cnc program for the major players in large-scale mechanical manufacturing.

Increasingly supportive of its customers, X-PRO has been asking how it can objectify operator-related activities in order to support the operator himself for safety and the company for project efficiency.

This led to a collaboration with Vection Technologies, which supported X-PRO in the development of OD-ONE: the first Optical Driver capable of safely guiding the operator in the various setup activities of mechanical clamping fixtures.

OD-ONE aims to be a concrete support for the operator to increase the efficiency of the production process through a sequence of guided activities that superimpose 3D images and/or multimedia instructions on the real equipment through a viewer that functions at the same time as PPE.

All this does is turn the company’s investment into efficiency with the minimization of production waste and continuous training of operators during the three shifts.

The application was presented to the market at the MECSPE mechanics exhibition in March 2024 and was quite successful among industry reference figures.

Several upgrades are currently being developed to connect OD-ONE to devices that will be inhibited if an operation is performed incorrectly and to business management systems in order to properly track all activities in terms of safety and quality.