Metigla is a family-run company, founded 40 years ago in Belgium and has been present on the Romanian market since 2000. 

The organic and continuous growth of the product and service portfolio has been built on innovation, premium quality, passion, and sustainability.

Metigla’s portfolio includes premium-quality metal cladding solutions for industrial and residential projects, as well as facades and rainwater drainage systems. 

Metigla is also present in Belgium, France, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, and Congo.

Interview with Cristian Mătăşel, General Director at Metigla.

Easy Engineering: Tell us a short story about innovation in your company.

Cristian Mătăşel: At Metigla, innovation is one of our core values, driving our continuous pursuit of excellence and sustainability. For example, last year marked a significant leap forward for us in technological advancement and environmental responsibility. Our journey began with a clear vision of sustainability, digitization, and automation. Recognizing the need to stay competitive in a rapidly evolving market, we invested in robotics and human capital, ensuring continuous development. Our efforts transformed our production process for rainwater drainage systems, a key element for durable and eco-friendly building solutions.

E.E: Which are the most significant projects from 2023?

C.M: Building on our legacy as the first Romanian manufacturer with a complete rainwater system production line since 2009, we achieved a new milestone with a fully automated production line. This cutting-edge system, driven by state-of-the-art robotics, ensures precision manufacturing of our premium drainage systems, enabling fast delivery to our partners without sacrificing quality. 

In 2023, Metigla also launched Metigla Falt Solar by Roofit.Solar – a revolutionary 2-in-1 solar roof. This innovation combines solar energy with a traditional roof system, providing structural integrity, aesthetic appeal, and durability. It supports environmental sustainability and represents a significant advancement in promoting green energy solutions in Romania.

These products reinforce our commitment to technological advancement and our proactive approach to addressing global sustainability challenges.

E.E: What projects were the most challenging?

C.M: One of our most challenging recent projects was implementing our Warehouse Management System (WMS). This initiative improved operational efficiency, integrating state-of-the-art technology with our existing systems. The WMS optimizes our inventory control and provides real-time insights into inventory levels, ensuring we maintain optimal stock to meet customer demand while minimizing excess inventory costs.

Another challenge was ensuring compatibility and communication between the new WMS and our existing enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. This required very good planning and execution to avoid disruptions. Other challenges involved real-time inventory control, training, and workflow optimization.

E.E: What products/solutions were used in the projects?

C.M: The transition of our warehouse personnel to the new system demanded extensive training and support. By providing our staff with intuitive tools and well-defined workflows, we shortened order processing times and improved customer satisfaction. Implementing our Warehouse Management System represents a strategic investment in our future success. By leveraging technology to enhance operational capabilities, we are better positioned to adapt to the evolving market needs, drive operational excellence, and deliver unparalleled value to our customers and partners.

E.E: What are the usual challenges you encounter?

C.M: In our pursuit of sustainability, we also encountered challenges. One of these challenges is also a new project we are currently developing within Metigla: transitioning towards reusable or 100% recyclable packaging. This effort aligns with our sustainability mindset but presents challenges in balancing environmental considerations with practicality and cost-effectiveness, ensuring these solutions are viable for both our operations and our customers.

E.E: How did you overcome the challenges?

C.M: To overcome these challenges, we adopted a strategic approach. We invested in packaging that is sustainable and practical, working closely with our suppliers, and ensuring that our packaging meets the functional requirements of our products while minimizing environmental impact. We established strong partnerships with key stakeholders throughout our supply chain to ensure that our transition to sustainable packaging is smooth and efficient. 

Next, we are committed to telling our consumers about the benefits of reusable and recyclable packaging and raising awareness about the environmental impact of packaging choices.

E.E: Which are the most innovative products/solutions in your lineup?

C.M: Metigla’s solar roof leads in innovation, offering an advanced, integrated, and eco-friendly roofing solution to the Romanian market. Unlike conventional photovoltaic systems, our revolutionary 2-in-1 solar roof integrates cutting-edge mono PERC cells into a high-quality standing seam roof. This fusion of function and form offers numerous advantages, making it the ideal choice for residential projects of any scale. Its aesthetics and functionality are ideal for modern and heritage buildings alike, and with a 25-year linear power warranty, the system guarantees durability and consistent performance over time. The ability to generate energy even under low sunlight ensures year-round power production, maximizing both efficiency and utility. As a BIPV solution, Falt Solar sets a new standard for sustainable building practices in Romania.

E.E: What was the research behind the products/solutions? (Falt Solar)

C.M: The research behind Falt Solar focuses on the combined properties of high-quality steel and advanced photovoltaic materials. Our Estonian partner, Roofit.Solar, integrates mono PERC cells into the standing seam roof, making our solar roof a seamless blend of durability and energy efficiency. The panels are part of the roof, blending in aesthetically and not adding significant weight. This makes our solar roof an excellent option for new roofs, with fast and easy installation, and minimal panel-to-panel connection time. The Metigla Falt Solar roof represents more than a technological innovation; it embodies the shift toward sustainable and efficient building solutions.

E.E: How are your products/solutions used in solving users’ problems? (Falt Solar)

C.M: As an integrated roofing solution, the Metigla Falt Solar roof offers high mechanical resistance and has been tested in extreme weather conditions, including hail. This ensures peace of mind for homeowners, guaranteeing continued performance even in harsh weather. Moreover, maintenance is also reduced to a minimum, with cables remaining protected under the roof cover. 

E.E: What are your forecasts for 2024?

C.M: At Metigla, our mission extends beyond technological innovation. We are committed to covering the well-being of people and businesses with smart, sustainable, and innovative covering solutions. We will continue to focus on our core goals of sustainability and digitalization, exploring innovative ways to enhance efficiency while minimizing resource consumption. Our strategic investments are centered around recyclability, aiming to transition all our product packaging to reusable or fully recyclable. Our ongoing projects include significant contributions to Romania’s transition to green energy, through notable initiatives such as introducing the Falt Solar roof and shifting our galvanized profiles towards structures for photovoltaic parks. 

Safety also remains the focus of our objectives. We are leading the transition towards mineral wool insulated panels, a 100% recyclable and fire-resistant solution, for industrial and logistic buildings or shopping centers that integrate rooftop photovoltaic panels, ensuring safety during sustainable energy generation.

In the coming years, we will continue strengthening our position as a trusted long-term partner for our customers. Our goal is to provide high-quality roofing and cladding solutions being more than just suppliers. We aim to be a reliable ally in the success of every project they undertake, reflecting our dedication to excellence and innovation.