Unlocking Opportunities: An Interview with Tigran Hovhannisyan, Key Account Manager at RVmagnetics.

In a landscape dominated by high-value industries shaping modern life, the norm is defined by innovation and technological advancements – key data if you will. Some of the main sponsors of this innovation are the industries of Manufacturing, Electric Motors, Advanced Composite Structures in Automotive, Aviation, Construction, and a number of other safety and data-critical worlds. 

RVmagnetics, the subject of this article, plays a pivotal role in this ecosystem, emphasising the importance of efficient physical data access, generation and processing. Through the Smallest Passive Sensors in the world – RVmagnetics’ MicroWires – the company creates unique measurement systems that extract physical data from otherwise inaccessible spaces. This data is demanded by RVmagnetics clients and partners, often in need of adjustment for longevity and quality of their high-value machines, processes, materials, and parts.

We talked to Tigran Hovhannisyan, who is a Key Account Manager in RVmagnetics, and responsible for their strategic business development activities. As his position in this unique, deep-tech, R&D company dictates – he has a keen eye for unlocking opportunities and driving growth. In this exclusive interview, Tigran sheds light on RVmagnetics’ pioneering journey and the transformative potential of their groundbreaking MicroWire sensors.

Tigran, could you tell us about RVmagnetics’ journey in the realm of sensor technology?**

Tigran Hovhannisyan: Certainly. RVmagnetics has always been driven by a passion for pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in sensor technology. Our journey began with a simple yet ambitious goal: to create sensors that are not just smaller, smarter more versatile, but to be the company that grants end-to-end support in technology development and provision based on our MicroWire sensors. This led us to the development of incredible solutions, some custom-made cornerstones of competitive advantage for our partners, and some, right-sized solutions to issues, that were otherwise unsolved.

What sets MicroWire sensors apart from traditional sensor technology?

T.H: Our MicroWire sensors, as I see it, represent a leap in miniaturisation and functionality areas compared to the existing methods. Unlike traditional sensors, which are often bulky and limited in scope, MicroWire sensors offer versatility, capable of detecting a wide range of physical quantities with precision. From temperature and pressure to mechanical stress and magnetic fields, these sensors, as tiny as human hair, need no contact point, and have glass coating – making them integrable in environments with harsh conditions, limitation issues – ones that are otherwise unknown from physical point of view. This empowers industries to gather critical data in real-time, enabling informed decision-making and driving operational efficiency.

How do you envision MicroWire sensors transforming various industries?

T.H: The potential applications of MicroWire sensors are so exciting, we may get lost in the “what else is possible?” conversation. Due to the increased interest and demand, however, we focus our attention mostly in automotive and aerospace, for instance, these sensors enable real-time monitoring of vital parameters, enhancing safety and performance of Composite Structures, Electric Motors, Integral Parts of Manufacturing processes. In IoT and Industry 4.0, they facilitate predictive maintenance, minimising downtime and optimising asset utilisation. 

Moreover, in healthcare and smart materials, MicroWire sensors offer invaluable insights too, into material properties and unorthodox access to important data, paving the way for groundbreaking innovations. 

What challenges do you foresee in the widespread adoption of MicroWire sensors?

T.H: One of the key challenges lies in ensuring seamless integration with existing systems and processes of our partners and customers. While the benefits of MicroWire sensors are undeniable, RVmagnetics doesn’t control the automation, mass manufacturing and, sales, procurement and other capabilities of our partners.

How does RVmagnetics plan to overcome these challenges and drive adoption?

T.H: At RVmagnetics, we believe in the power of collaboration and partnership. By forging strategic alliances with industry leaders and solution providers, we can streamline the integration process and accelerate adoption. Additionally, we are committed to ongoing research and development, ensuring that our products evolve to meet the evolving needs of our customers.
Recently, we have found that accessing the innovation, R&D, new product decision making, aligned with C level go-to-market decision making of our pool of partners – may take place best through Open Innovation and similar external events of key partners – where we can reach the decision making minds specifically through addressing the right challenge. Industry-relevant events such as JEC World, Hannover Messe, CWIEME, Advanced Engineering, etc. (RVmagnetics events), are another way to find the right contacts that can help push the cooperation through – as the brightest minds of the relevant areas in Innovation and R&D are active and available for physical interactions, demonstrations and meetings.

Looking ahead, what are RVmagnetics’ goals and aspirations for the future?

T.H: Our vision for the future is one of continued innovation and growth. We aim to expand our presence in key markets and verticals, forging new partnerships and unlocking opportunities for our customers. Moreover, we remain committed to sustainability and social responsibility, ensuring that our technology creates positive impact for the industries of our involvement. 

Organisationally – we aim to get to mass-manufacturing stages with strategic partners, and developing strategic partnerships in areas where MicroWire sensors contain most potential impact.

In closing, RVmagnetics’ journey is one of relentless innovation and unwavering commitment to excellence. With MicroWire sensors seems that the future belong to the tiny ones, and RV team stand poised to usher in a new era of technological advancement and prosperity.