Tecam is an environmental technology company aimed at large industrial companies, focused on the development of customised solutions for the treatment of emissions and the recovery of hazardous and special waste. 

Interview with Inma Hernández, Project Division Director at Tecam.

Easy Engineering: Tell us a short story about innovation in your company.

Inma Hernández: At Tecam, innovation is at the heart of our values. One clear example is our business unit that focuses on chemical recycling via pyrolysis, for plastic waste valorization. 

We had been working with waste incineration technology for several years, when we started researching and understanding the power of a newer method for eliminating plastic waste or sludge while obtaining a value from it. 

This innovative technique, called chemical recycling via pyrolysis, involves the thermal decomposition of organic materials in a controlled environment in the absence of oxygen. This process allows for the extraction of valuable products like pyrolysis oil, biofuels produced through distillation, syngas and carbon black, which can be used in further industrial processes and raw materials. 

Essentially, chemical recycling via pyrolysis marks a notable step forward in the circular economy by transforming waste into useful resources. This approach grants waste a second life, reintegrating it into the production cycle, and contributing to a cleaner industry for safer environment conditions. 

E.E: Which are the most significant projects from 2023?

I.H: Among our most significant projects in 2023, we can highlight a couple of emissions abatement projects, where we helped several production sites in different industries eliminate the emissions generated during their productive processes.

Here are some highlighted projects:

  • The project carried out for one of our customers in a tank terminal in The Netherlands, which entailed an innovative process and high requirements and specifications by the customer, posing a high technical challenge. 
  • A petrochemical plant in northern Spain needed to eliminate their emissions, following the strictest technical specifications due to the characteristics of their plant. Tecam’s technology fostered environmental excellence and safety, ensuring compliance with the strictest environmental regulations while optimizing operational efficiency.
  • This project in Scandinavia demanded the integration of several technologies and equipment for emissions abatement for a cutting-edge, innovative process, posing a large technological challenge that Tecam managed successfully. 

E.E: What projects were the most challenging?

I.H: Some of the most challenging projects that we carried out last year involved addressing complex emissions abatement solutions in several industrial settings, requiring tailored solutions to mitigate pollutants effectively, while maintaining cost-effectiveness and ensuring efficiency and safety.

E.E: What products / solutions were used in the projects?

I.H: Our projects for emissions treatment are based on our advanced technology solutions, such as our Regenerative Thermal Oxidizers (RTO), which can also be electrically-heated if needed. Our projects also include Gas Scrubbers, Quenches and other auxiliary equipment, where necessary, for a safe, efficient result. All of the technology solutions used in Tecam’s projects are fully customized to meet the specific needs of each customer and industry.

E.E: What are the usual challenges you encounter?

I.H: The usual challenges that we find during the emissions abatement projects that we carry out include being aware of the most updated international regulations, adapting to different industrial processes, and optimizing performance while minimizing operational costs for our customers.

E.E: How did you overcome the challenges?

I.H: To overcome those challenges, we employ a multidisciplinary approach, combining expertise in several fields of engineering, such as design, processes, electricity, instrumentation & control, etc. Moreover, we deploy our vast experience together with regulatory compliance knowledge, to develop solutions tailored to our customer’s specific situations and needs. We also provide support throughout the whole project implementation for a smooth result.

E.E: Which are the most innovative products/solutions in your lineup?

I.H: Among our most innovative offerings is our chemical recycling solution, which is a technology that transforms waste streams into valuable resources, offering a sustainable alternative to traditional disposal methods, and which is fully integrated in the circular economy.

E.E: What was the research behind the products/solutions?

I.H: Extensive research and development is behind our technology and solutions, with a focus on developing robust technologies that deliver both environmental and economic benefits to our customers. We leverage the vast international experience that we have been accumulating over the past 20 years and bring that know-how onto all our projects with our customers worldwide.

E.E: What problems / challenges do customers usually encounter?

I.H: Prior to contacting us, our customers often face challenges related to emissions compliance, waste management and operational efficiency, which our solutions aim to address comprehensively. Each industry faces different challenges and requires different solutions for the elimination of polluting exhaust gases and for the valorization of industrial waste. We at Tecam are familiar with the production processes and technical requirements of all industries due to our vast experience, so we can overcome those challenges in an effective manner together with our customers. 

E.E: How are your products / solutions used in solving customers’ problems?

I.H: Our technology solutions are designed to seamlessly integrate into existing industrial processes, offering efficient emissions abatement and waste valorization results, thus helping customers achieve regulatory compliance and optimize resource utilization, while obtaining environmental and economic benefits. 

E.E: What are your forecasts for 2024?

I.H: Looking ahead to 2024, we anticipate further growth in demand for sustainable solutions in the European market. Considering the current world situation, energy transition and taking into account the European Union objectives, we foresee an increase in the demand of electrically-heated equipment, powered with renewable energies, when possible, for a cleaner output and economic savings. 

As for Tecam’s future plans, we are committed to expanding our project pipeline and technologies, as well as enhancing our services to meet the evolving needs of each industry. We will continue to drive innovation in emissions abatement and waste valorization technology solutions for a cleaner, greener industry worldwide.

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