Procys is specialized in manufacturing food production lines for processing & handling. The company is a french manufacturer of production lines for the biscuits, bakery & pastry industries. Procys is specialized in processing & handling solutions between ovens and packaging machines.

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There is no successful business without the right team of experts who will guide you through the entire process and also offer you high-quality equipment.

Dear readers, meet Procys – your solution designer!

Procys’s team has a wealth of experience and an outstanding understanding of the limitations you have to contend when manufacturing your goods.

Here are some of their solutions :

  • Handling : conveying systems, stacking systems, merging / diverging, row distribution, turning device, indexing,
  • Buffer systems,
  • Processing : dough depositor, dosing systems, capper sandwiching machine, filling / injecting machine,
  • Online food printing with natural inks.

Today’s consumers are on the lookout for real, “homemade” products with fresh ingredients for biscuits which taste and appearance make Procys forget the industrial origins.

The company specializes in the fields of biscuits, cookies, pastry, chocolate, confectionery, etc and intervenes from the production output (oven, fryer) until entry into the packaging machines.

Let’s focus on the production of macarons!

A macaron, not to be confused with American macaroon, is a sweet meringue-based confection made with egg white, icing sugar, granulated sugar, almond powder or ground almond, and food coloring.

It is a fragile and sticky product with specific tolerance levels. It’s important to understand and to manage the constraints and conditions for its production (temperature, humidity, etc). It can be difficult to industrialize the process, especially in terms of dosing, sandwiching and flow management.

Procys’s sandwiching and capping solution will increase your macarons’ production because dosing, capping and flow management will be automated which will make it faster to produce macarons. Dosing systems have made manufacturing biscuits, macarons and pastries so much easier. Capping is then the operation of forming macarons, one shell on top of the other, with the delicious filling between the shells.

Procys offers two types of solutions: semi-industrial or industrial.

The semi-industrial technology is a small version suited to semi-industrial producers for macarons cooked on baking trays in rotary ovens. With this solution, your operators will feed manually the machine from the baking trays. The following operations are done automatically:

  • Product alignmen;
  • Preparation of rows & lanes;
  • Rows tilting;
  • Dosing of fillings;
  • Capping of the shell.

The industrial solution is a bigger technology, which is directly connected to your in-line continuous oven and installed after the cooling conveyor area. The following operations are completed automatically:

  • Distribution and alignment from the oven;
  • Rows & lanes preparation;
  • Rows tilting;
  • Dosing of fillings;
  • Capping of the shell.

Depending on your supplier, these technologies can be featured:

  • No product / no dosing technology;
  • Hygienic design, solid construction, stainless steel frame without any mechanical parts, allowing full cleanliness;
  • The movement of the dosing and capping heads is regulated with brushless motors that allow optimum versatility for movement adapted to each recipe;
  • Supplier’s automation & control;
  • Touchscreen operated computer;
  • Storage of recipes;
  • Changing configurations (for controllers, line managers, or maintenance technicians);
  • Number of rows optimized for the number of baking paper;
  • Bakery paper automatically distributed;
  • One or more dosing hoppers (for double fragrances or quick change);
  • Space between dosing and capping to insert application (coconut, hazelnut, sugar, etc);
  • Automatic blistering;
  • And much more!

Procys is a very innovative company and has developed food printing systems for your cookies and pastries !

The company provides a printing system to integrate on your production lines, which allows printing on products in monochrome or bicolor, with natural or synthetic food inks. Currently, product customization is in trendy, but the ability to carry it out industrially is innovative. Procys systems allows changing the image, the text, or the production instantaneously without any mechanical tooling (controlled exclusively by software).

They offer two applications: 

  • A 1 to 4 lanes system, which can be moved on several lines;
  • A 5 lanes and more system, which is a fixed system, placed before or after the oven.

Add differentiation through food printing. There are many applications possible, including customization for direct-to-consumer advertising or to deliver a message, to highlight the brand name or simply for fun, etc.

Here are some examples of food printing :

Here are others solutions which Procys can help you with :

Handling: Conveying systems

From fundamental cooling conveyors to buffer systems, Procys offers arrangements including belt conveyors and bends, slat or chain conveyors.

Organization of products

When products become misaligned or blocked, Procys can realign and rearrange them into rows. Their frameworks can deal with up to 300 products / minute. Then, Procys can re-arrange them into lines without contact between them by utilizing singular belts.

Stacking systems

To feed machines such as traditional sandwiching or packaging machines, it is necessary to stack the biscuits and cookies. Usually, the biscuits and cookies are arriving flat on a full belt and are canalized between guides via a channeling board before being stacked.

Continuing process with merging / diverging :

  • Lane reduction: Combining two lanes into a single line without collisions;
  • Lane multiplication: Distributing products from a single lane to multiple lanes;
  • Row distribution : Distribution to packaging equipment of product lines.

According to specifications, rows are distributed. If after the last distributor, products are not moved, then they can be automatically recycled. Flows from 10 to 50 rows per minute are treated in Procys systems.

System turning / Indexing

Procysțs systems can organize random lanes of products that assign accurate positions and load the packaging machine chain, for example. In this way, they can arrange a constant sell. Products without interaction are treated by this form of device.

Dosing system

Dosing systems have made manufacturing biscuits, macarons, and pastries so much easier. Sometimes it is difficult to estimate and determine the exact amount to ensure the same shaped products.

There are many types of equipment on the market today depending on what product you need. Dosing of fillings on or in products. Different applications are available: dosing of cream, jam, caramel, or marshmallow on a tartlet, dosing of sauce, fruit compote, yogurt, etc. in pots.

Procys offers a complete range of machines tailored for your application in terms of filling and capacity and will discuss with you the best options for your production needs. They are specialized in dosing and sandwiching for macarons, but also any other sandwiched products.

Dough depositor

Biscuit dough preparation can be a real process and Procys provides you with the highest quality.

Dosing depositors in cavities of molds or directly on the oven belt are offered by Procys. The capacity of sponge cakes, macarons, cookies, boudoirs, pastries, madeleines, cakes, and muffins, etc. 

Procys will research the production lines’ configurations and characteristics and deliver a method that is completely suited to your needs.

Filling / Injecting machine

Different types of filling machines exist : in-line injectors or injectors with cross-sectional conveyor feeding. 

Load with donuts, croissants, cookies, brioches, muffins, the solution can fill / inject cream, jelly, chocolate, caramel or fruit puree.

Procys has a wide selection of fillers and can speak to you about what is most suitable for your needs.

Now that you know everything about the whole process of making biscuits, macarons, or pastries, do you have any questions or projects you’d like to discuss with Procys?

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