CleanSpace Technology is a specialist in next-generation respiratory protection.  CleanSpace Respirators are seen as a revolution in the area of respiratory protection because while they provide all the protection of a Powered Air-Purify Respirator (PAPR), they are free from belts, battery packs and hoses, making them more comfortable and easier to deploy. CleanSpace Respirators are lightweight positive pressure powered respirators that provide the highest protection, comfort and cost-effective respiratory protection solutions.

CleanSpace Respirators are available in four models, depending on the requirements of the industry:

  • CleanSpace EX is intrinsically safe so that it can be worn in potentially explosive environments such as mining;
  • CleanSpace ULTRA is IP rated 66 making it water-tolerant, perfect for stonemasons carrying out wet-cutting;
  • CleanSpace 2 can be used in a variety of industrial applications where water tolerance or intrinsic safety is not required;
  • CleanSpace HALO is designed specifically for the healthcare, pharmaceutical and laboratory sectors.

Easy Engineering: What was the research behind the products/solutions design?

CleanSpace: CleanSpace Technology, an Australian company that designs and manufactures next-generation respirators. The proprietary technology at the heart of all CleanSpace Respirators was designed by ex-ResMed biomedical engineers, ResMed is a world leader in CPAP devices.

E.E: Which are the key aspects of the process of product/solution development?

CleanSpace: Until CleanSpace, the technology for masks had not changed in 30 years. Traditional devices were typically uncomfortable, hot and provided low levels of protection. Industries such as mining, metal works and stonemasonry, where workers are exposed to harmful contaminants such as coal dust, silica and welding fumes, welcomed an alternative.

E.E: How quickly do you adapt your products/solutions to different requirements?

CleanSpace: The engineers had the vision to make respirators that deliver high-level protection in a comfortable, easy-to-use system. The company has been successfully protecting workers in a wide range of sectors for the past ten years.

“Our technology was seen as a game-changer – and it still is. One of the main reasons people go unprotected is because of low compliance. If masks are uncomfortable or not quick and easy to put on then it simply doesn’t get used,” says CleanSpace Technology CEO Dr Alex Birrell.

E.E: What are the most common requirements from clients?

CleanSpace: The main requirements are maintaining compliance and productivity for workers wearing personal respiratory protection due to demanding requirements:

  • Long periods of wear and flexibility:  workers needed protection for 6 hours (some up to 8 hours) daily wearing RPE. Meanwhile, managers and engineers required RPE for short periods but needed ease of donning/doffing as they moved through the contaminated areas on site.
  • Mobility and high exertion tasks: The physical layout of large worksites and routine maintenance means workers are highly active and require lightweight and mobility around the equipment.
  • Extreme working temperatures: Working in high heat environment, for example, industrial rotating kilns, contribute to temperatures in and around the plant of 45°C.

E.E: How do your products/solutions solve problems that your clients may have?

CleanSpace: CleanSpace Respirators are the preferred choice for Personal Respiratory Protection for workers in general industrial environments. CleanSpace PAPRs are designed for high protection, comfort, and cost effectiveness.

Features & Benefits:

  • CE Mark approved PAPR with TM3 filtration;
  • Lightweight (500g/1.1 lb) and compact;
  • Smart AirSenist™ Technology;
  • No hoses, belts, or waist mounted battery packs;
  • Reliable and fast cleaning;
  • Reusable and cost effective;
  • Simple and easy to don;
  • Up to 9 hours run time and fast charge.

E.E: Tell us about products/solutions innovation.

CleanSpace: CleanSpace patented AirSensit™ technology is breath responsive to deliver filtered fresh air on demand to the wearer, reducing the risks of heat stress and respiratory fatigue.  The Smart AirSenist™ Technology eliminates fogging and is easy to wear over long periods.

CleanSpace Respirators are CE, NIOSH and AS/NZS 1716 approved. CleanSpace Respirators meet and exceed standards with a P3/TM3 99.95% HEPA filter efficiency for particles 0.3microns and above.  Long filter life and peak load filter alarm alerts the wearer when to change filters, ensuring the maximum usage of each filter. Easy to clean the mask and low maintenance on the unit.  Toughness and durability.

CleanSpace offers both half-face and full-face masks with an assigned protection factor of 50 and 1000. The full-face mask also has a high impact rating.

CleanSpace Respirators are compact systems that have up to eight hours of run time and fast top-up charging. These smart powered devices are easy to operate using a one-button system. These unique features mean more workers wear these respirators for a full shift every time.

E.E: What are the trends in product/solution design in your area of activity?

CleanSpace: Regardless of the market or the geography, frontline workers in industry and healthcare all have the desire to protect themselves from harmful airborne contaminants. As people become more aware of the health dangers they face in various industries, and as many guidelines are tightened, we see a gradual improvement in workplace health and safety and the required PPE.

E.E: What are your estimations for the rest of the year?

CleanSpace: With the COVID-19 pandemic, we have had a surge in supply to frontline workers who are at a greater risk of airborne contaminants. The pandemic has highlighted the limitation of traditional N95s and PAPRs. CleanSpace respirators are currently available in more than 35 countries. We have been supplying respirators to many industrial markets such as mining, construction and welding. In the last couple of years, we have developed the market for CleanSpace HALO, which is designed specifically for the healthcare sector.