A concept for a home hydrogen system to store solar energy and power electric and hydrogen cars. A modern house with an open garage and a car in the afternoon light. 3d rendering.



The shift away from fossil fuels is an irreversible process, and the importance of green energy is steadily increasing worldwide. Whether in industrial, commercial or residential buildings, photovoltaic systems providing environmentally friendly electricity for self-consumption and/or feeding into the grid are an increasingly popular choice. For this purpose, in addition to first-class photovoltaic modules, equally advanced technology is required to harness solar energy. 

SheenPlus systematically tackles this challenge and does so with three perfectly integrated components: inverter, accumulator and wallbox, offering a professional solution for every application.

The Bolzano-based company SheenPlus is part of the Yakaii Ltd Group. Founded in 2015, through the development and production of intelligent systems such as the hybrid inverter and storage batteries, it has successfully established itself on the market for environmentally friendly energy production.

Today, SheenPlus offers a complete range of storage systems for photovoltaic energy. The company particularly concentrates its efforts on Research and Development, with the aim of always being up to speed with the countless renewable energy demands: the result is a perfectly functioning combination of high-tech components, which guarantee the production of the energy of the future.


The inverter, the heart of every photovoltaic system, controls and monitors the entire system. SheenPlus offers state-of-the-art inverters for every field of application. The hybrid version, with inverter and solar battery, is currently especially popular. It integrates, so to speak, two components of a photovoltaic system, resulting in greater flexibility, reduced space requirements and lower costs.

The new SheenPlus hybrid inverters SP_HYB-S_03 and SP_HYB-S_06 convert the direct current produced by photovoltaic generators into alternating current, easily sending the electricity directly to the consumer for immediate consumption or releasing it into the grid. The efficient SMART MPPT technology, with its special software, controls up to 2 or 3 independent MPP trackers or strings: in this way, up to 20% more energy can be extracted from the generator. The independent maximum power point tracking is especially suitable in case of partial shading of the strings.

The new Sheen + Hybrid SP_HYB-S_03 and SP_HYB-S_06 inverters are particularly interesting with their maximum efficiency of 97.6%. Their compact dimensions (410 x 360 x 120 mm) and light weight (just 13 kg) make them easy to handle and allow for quick installation.


SheenPlus supplies a total of seven different high-voltage batteries using the best technologies from international brand manufacturers including Siemens, Sony and Panasonic.

For users, this results in, among other things, high efficiency (up to 97.6%) and a particularly long service life with more than 10,000 charging cycles. The charging process itself is completed within just one hour.

SheenPlus high-performance lithium-ion batteries, which perfectly match the system’s inverters, take up little space and are quick and inexpensive to install. Monitoring by SheenPlus is carried out via Wi-Fi-controlled remote diagnostics, while capacities can be adapted to changing needs via the upgrade function.


The two wallboxes Evolio 7 and Evolio 11-22 complete the SheenPlus system. The single phase Evolio 7 wallbox is adjustable from 1 to 32 amperes, which corresponds to a charging capacity of 0.2 – 7 kW. The three-phase Evolio 11-22 instead boasts a capacity of 11 – 22 kW, as it name suggests. The compact housing of both devices is easy to install and easy to use.

With its multilingual user display and M12 software, Evolio guarantees safety and control when charging your electric car. The wallboxes can be installed indoors and outdoors with an IP55 degree of protection. Each unit is equipped with an on-board socket with a 7-pin type 2 connector and 5 m cable.


SheenPlus assists users even after installation of the system, consisting of inverter, accumulator and wallbox, guaranteeing customers maintenance and repair service by internal and external technicians, available online or on-site.

SheenPlus CLOUD, an app that allows users to monitor and control the system with an overview of its status at all times, is available for free download from the Appstore, Google Play Store or www.sheenplus.com.  The app works via a simple, fast Wi-Fi connection, offering real time data transmission and automatically generating notifications.


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