Spring quarter of 2023 successful for stationary off-grid hydrogen fuel cell solutions

„Made in Germany” for achieving global climate targets: The Bavarian hydrogen fuel cell manufacturer “Proton Motor Fuel Cell GmbH” ( has been commissioned by the “University of Stuttgart” with the production of a containerised fuel cell power plant. The “HyShelter®” plant with a capacity of up to 240kW will be integrated into a large industrial research site and is expected to generate electricity and feed electricity into the grid from the second quarter of 2024. The background to this subject is the commissioning by the “Federal Ministry of Education and Research” to the University of Stuttgart to set up a hydrogen-based industrial research platform. The aim of the so-called “WAVE-H2 project” is to promote the reduction of CO2 emissions in the industrial sector. Stuttgart’s science includes the field of “Energy Technology of the Future”, which focuses on the potential of hydrogen for end-to-end decarbonisation.

Sustainable contribution to the energy transition: 

HyShelter® is a clean energy source for the emergency power supply market 

Proton Motor’s vision is to support climate-neutral solutions for power and heat generation and thus make a sustainable contribution to the energy transition. In this context, the Proton Motor portfolio addresses applications such as uninterruptible emergency power supply, peak shaving and off-grid charging infrastructure. Also in the spring quarter of 2023, the European premium supplier of emission-free hydrogen fuel cells announced the new order for two HyShelter® 240 hybrid systems. The off-grid container power plants will power mobile refuelling units for trucks with electricity for a Shell subsidiary. Typical HyShelter® applications are both off-grid and grid-connected installations to ensure a secure energy supply, where there is no or insufficient electrical infrastructure or where power consumption from the grid is to be reduced. It can either be permanently installed or produced in a transportable version. Another important application is the emergency power market, for which the HyShelter® is able to replace large battery banks or diesel generators with a clean energy source. Examples of this are data centers, the process industry, municipal utilities, hospitals and other CRITIS facilities.

About Proton Motor Fuel Cell GmbH

For a quarter of a century, Proton Motor Fuel Cell GmbH has been Europe`s leading expert in climate-neutral energy generation with CleanTech innovations and a specialist in this field for emission-free hydrogen fuel cells developed and manufactured in-house. The production focus is on stationary applications such as independant power supply solutions for critical infrastructures. In addition, the CO2-balanced customised or standard and hybrid systems are used in the automotive, maritime and rail sectors. 

The internationally active technology key player from with two corporate locations near Munich, which currently employs more than 120 people under the CEO management of Dr Faiz Nahab, is a wholly owned operating subsidiary of “Proton Motor Power Systems plc”, based in England. Since October 2006, the parent company’s “Green Energy” share has been listed on the London Stock Exchange with simultaneous trading in Frankfurt/Main (ticker symbol: “PPS” / WKN: A3DAJ9 / ISIN: GB00BP83GZ24).

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