BU Multimedia Solutions of Prysmian Group now offers its comprehensive portfolio of E-Series central tube cables with increased tensile strength in compact designs. Tube diameters, hence cable diameters for 24 fibred central tubes has been reduced. More compact designs will lead to cost saving for network channels. The cable specialist has also upgraded pulling strength of its metallic armoured central tube designs in the E-Series from 1,000 N to 3,000 N and for the non-metallic cable types from 1,500 N to 3,000 N as well. Thanks to the higher tensile strength, users benefit from an extended lifetime of the cabled fibres. BU Multimedia Solutions has not increased its prices for these upgraded cable types. The prices have remained the same compared to the previous offerings. Draka central tube cables now meet TIA GR20 & ICEA 640 & ICEA 696 standards as well as European EN 50173-1 and international ISO 11801-1 and IEC 60794-1 standards. The improved robustness of more compact cables with the same costs provide high investment benefits to end users.

Cables experience pulling during installation and operation. If cable strength is just enough for installation, pulling force can increase fibre strain. This means more stress on fibres and reduced lifetime of fibres in long term. A higher tensile strength increases the quality of the cables. For this reason, BU Multimedia Solutions of the Prysmian Group has made its wide range of fibre optic central tube cables for indoor & outdoor use more robust with more compact designs. Legacy central tube cables with 24 fibres used to have bigger diameter than smaller fibre counts. Prysmian Group, with improved production technologies, offers the same tube diameter for 2 to 24 fibres. Hence, reduced cable diameter for 24 fibred cables. Despite these upgrades, prices remain the same. “When purchasing the new cables, users don’t have to dig deeper into their pockets,” says Tayfun Eren, Product Manager at Prysmian Group, BU Multimedia Solution. “With upgraded central tube cables, our customers receive outstanding quality in compact designs at a reasonable price, hence greater savings on investments – especially since the installation of fibre optic cables is carried out in the long term.

High tensile strength with compact design

The portfolio includes both non-metallic and metallic armoured central tube cables. The gel filled non-metallic central tube cable types E08a, E10a, E20, E22 and E25 offer an increased tensile strength from 1500 N to 3000 N. BU Multimedia Solutions has even upgraded the E09a non-metallic cable type to 4,000 N and the E14a and E16a non-metallic cable models to 2000 N. The E-series of steel tape armoured central tube cables with the cable types E06a, E07a, E19 and E21 is now also equipped with a tensile strength of 3000 N. In addition, E08a, E10a, E20, E22 and E25 cables will have the same diameter for 2 to 24 fibres. In other means, reduced diameter for 24 fibred cables. Higher tensile strength in reduced diameters provide double benefit to the market.

Application range of the central tube cables

The universal fibre optic indoor and outdoor cables E07a, E10a, E14a, E19, E20, E21, E22 and E25 with central loose tube serve as house entry cables for tube laying, LAN communications and as flame-retardant ascending cable in indoor areas. The fibre optic outdoor cables E06a, E08, E09a are used in the primary area (campus backbone), telecom backbones. All cables meet the requirements of ISO 118011, EN 50173-1:2002, IEC 60794-1, TIA GR20, ICEA 640 and ICEA 696. The central tube designs helps to havea low-cost and thin cable construction. The cables are UV-resistant, waterproof, rodent protected and Indoor/Outdoor ones are halogen-free and flame-retardant.

“With the new cables, we want to position ourselves more strongly in the market for LAN fibre infrastructures,” says Tayfun Eren. “The excellent price/performance ratio of our high-quality central tube cable series support us in the best possible way to achieve this goal quickly.”