Q3 Group specializes in safe and effective solutions for on- and offshore logistical services, engineering, design and production of bespoke tools and equipment. The company gained their knowledge as experienced heavy transport and freight forwarding specialists over many decades and have effectively evolved into a full service supplier able to tackle any challenge.

Interview with Lisette Valstar, Sales & Marketing at Q3 Group.

Easy Engineering: A brief description of the company and its activities.

Lisette Valstar: This month exactly 7 years ago, two self-employed men decided to bundle their experience and expertise. One with a history in the maritime sector and the other one with experience in the world of cranes and heavy lifting; the ideal combination of land and sea. Together they started Q3 Heavy Lift; a consultancy company for the renewable industry, which is specialized in on- and offshore logistical challenges. In the last 7 years the company evolved into a full service logistics supplier that focusses on heavy cargo and heavy lift projects. From the engineering side to the operation side, Q3 have shown that they are up to any challenges. Due to the success that the company have had, it was decided to not only further expand in The Netherlands, but also in Taiwan. At the time-being, the company consists of 25 employees and is expected to continue on a steady growth in the upcoming years.

E.E: In which fields of activity are you operating?

L.V: Q3 Heavy Lift started as a consultancy company for the Maritime and Renewable Industry. The Founding Fathers, Vincent de Wilde and Floris Bomers started of by assisting offshore installation companies and dredgers, with the logistical challenges they were facing at that time. These challenges revolved around heavy lifting and heavy transport. As they noticed they could do more than only consulting, they decided to expand the services to engineering, operational assistance, and logistical assistance. This while also providing various customized equipment, such as lifting tools, transport saddles and much more.  

E.E: Which are the most significant projects in the history of the company?

L.V: In the past few years a lot of renewable projects have included our involvement. While the world stood still during the pandemic, a lot of our experience and expertise were needed in the Asian market. One of the founders, Floris Bomers, saw this as an opportunity to move to Taiwan to set up the company Q3 Asia. This turned out to be a hit, as we designed, fabricated and commissioned our first Jacket Handling Tool for a big Taiwanese construction yard. Nowadays, we are still providing them with our expertise in regards to lifting operations. Additionally, we assisted a European offshore wind installation company with the mobilization and de-mobilization of some of their vessels in Taiwan. Our presence can also be noticed in The Netherlands, as we are currently operating a marshalling yard with all onshore logistical activities.

E.E: What are the ranges of products and what types of services do you offer?

L.V: Q3 Heavy Lift is a full service logistics supplier, meaning we offer a variety of services. In our office in The Netherlands, you can find our draftsmen and engineers, who are in charge of developing plans and finding solutions for the challenges that our customers are facing. Afterwards, a team of experts ranging from operational crew, riggers, all around operators to chauffeurs, will execute these solutions on the field. In addition to the aforementioned, consultancy is still a big part of our services. Both Vincent de Wilde and Floris Bomers are still active in sharing their experiences and expertise for the different challenges the Q3 Group comes to face. 

E.E: What products / solutions are you going to launch in the future?

L.V: Q3 is a growing company and there are a lot of solutions to be made. As the renewable Industry is evolving into bigger and heavier assets, equipment to transport and lift, we are aiming to adjust ourselves to these developments. Our main goal would be to look into all the latest developments and making sure that the solutions are ready as soon as the assets are coming on the market. Additionally, we would also like to focus on the sustainable aspect. Therefore, one of our goals would be to change our fleet of equipment to more environment friendly ones.

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