Quick MOVE’s latest project represents a significant advancement in achieving fully automated, manless production for a client in the electronics industry. The client’s primary operations were already automated, but they faced a critical challenge: eliminating the manual transportation of goods on the shop floor to move closer to a fully automated process. The client chose their solutions because conventional AMR systems would disrupt each other due to space limitations, and traditional conveyor systems were either impractical on the shop floor or too expensive when installed under the roof. The company’s innovative approach provided an effective solution that overcame these space and cost constraints. 

The implementation of this project was particularly challenging because it had to occur while the client’s production was running at full capacity. Protecting both the production equipment and staff from installation work and contamination was paramount. To meet these challenges, Quick MOVE used equipment and installation methods that conformed to ESD standards and maintained near clean room conditions throughout the process. 

Previously, materials were unloaded manually from the former automation process and transported in boxes by forklift to the final operation. Here, they were handled manually and processed through U-shape (lean) cells. The company’s solution replaced this inefficient process, significantly improving productivity by stabilizing production and eliminating nonproductive work. The project’s success brought numerous benefits to the client, including cost savings, increased capacity, and improved ergonomics. The client was highly positive about the installation, praising the robustness, flawless ESD compliance, and the integration of ergonomic functions into the automation. 

Looking ahead to the second half of 2024, Quick MOVE is planning to deliver another project with similar tasks for the same client. Additionally, they are excited to launch a new product innovation that will save approximately 30% in equipment investment costs while maintaining nearly the same performance / improving performance compared to their current products. This innovation underscores Quick MOVE’s commitment to providing cost-effective, high-performance automation solutions for clients.