How make a complicate process that can take days of testing and require specialized people and multiples equipment, to be transformed into a simple and precise operation which can be done in a few hours even by an operator without prior experience? The answer is easy: with a compact and easy to use equipment. We are talking about bevel a pipe or a metal sheet, a complex and often used process used in industry until very time a time and energy consuming process.

Bevelling with traditional methods which can be difficult, despite extensive experience in processing and cutting materials to be welded. In most cases, the way to a satisfactory result evolves hours, sometimes days of exercise and errors.

Bevelling can be made by milling (for beveled cuts quality and high precision), rectification (for materials and chamfer high), shear (tanks, containers, shipbuilding), cutting flame autogenous (for steel with carbon content below 0,3%), cutting with lasers, plasma (for steel thick with speed and precision increased), cutting water jet very high pressure, jet speed reaching up to 1,000 m/s, the heat contribution is very low.

Why beveling?

Each industry has its own challenges in the industry in terms of the sophistication of training materials for welding. Bevel is an operation used in construction, agriculture, forestry, mining, oil and gas and shipbuilding. These industries use bevelling as part of the preparation for welding. Beveled edges with different angles allow a stronger weld, which can withstand the weight or take over tasks such machines and structures. Regardless of the difficulty of preparing materials for welding, a good result requires two key elements: a capable and precise equipment and skilled people.


What did RIGDIG changed?

At the beginning of 2016, RIDGID launched on the European market a compact machine for bevelling pipes and sheets, the B-500 model, with a mass of only 24 kg. the equipment has been designed to lessen the impact of the human factor on the final result. Its use is an absolute simplicity, so any operator without prior experience can execute a perfect bevel.

The machine performs a bevel similar to processing with the lathe, owing to six knives that work simultaneously and perform three bevelling angles (37.5 °, 30 °, 45 °), thus covering most of the procedures of bevelling .thanks to the accuracy of the angle of bevel it requires one pass through the pipe around or along the sheet metal. It can process pipes wit 3 ½” diameter and sheet metal flat carbon steel and stainless.